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 Sveiki! I am Tera!

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Sveiki! I am Tera! Empty
PostSubject: Sveiki! I am Tera!   Sveiki! I am Tera! EmptySeptember 8th 2013, 9:13 am

Country/Province/State/City: Lithuania~!
Human First and Last Name: Tera Laurinaitis, nice to meet you!
Appearance: Again, I look a lot like my male counterpart, but I have longer hair and I'm shorter. I also have a kinder face. .w.

Anything Else? I am cheerier than Toris, I'm not scared as easily. And I enjoy meeting new people and talking.

Role-Play Sample: Tera Laurinaitis was always a kind soul, helping people out and being as friendly as possible. She was a bubbly girl who enjoyed company and conversations. She never thought her simple life would change, she never thought she'd feel new things. But her life changed, for better or worse, when she met this new person at her first World Meeting.
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Sveiki! I am Tera!
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