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 Sveiki, it's Latvia.

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Raivis Galante

Raivis Galante

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Sveiki, it's Latvia. Empty
PostSubject: Sveiki, it's Latvia.   Sveiki, it's Latvia. EmptyAugust 30th 2013, 3:20 pm

Out-Of-Character: ((um yeah its mar again i also play sweden im a giant tool bag. you can call me mar, sweden, latvia, some nickname derived from the those. anything. i also ship a lot of things?? like a lot. so many ships. im too lazy to list all the ships but theres a lot i promise.))

Country/Province/State/City: Latvia
Human First and Last Name: Raivis Galante

Role-Play Sample: He stared at the marks on the wall, nose curled in scrutinization . The top one, the last one, was scrawled in darkly as though someone had gone over it several times. Dates were scribbled by each line, marking it as a timeline, and anyone with common sense could gather it was a height chart. An incredibly pathetic height chart with declining distance between each line. In one trembling hand Raivis held a pencil. He approached the makeshift wall of measurement and squeezed his eyes shut. This was it, he could feel it, knew it with every bone in his body. That pesky little - thick - line was finally going to be a thing of the past!

Raivis rose his hand, fumbled to find the top of his head and went in for the kill. His line was terribly shaky, not straight at all, and he knew things like this were better to do when he had help. However, he had been too impatient, and he had felt his growth spurt. For a moment he just stood there, trying to compose himself. He stepped away, then turned to examine his handy work. There the line stood, just barely the one below it, and oh how the Latvian could have jumped for joy. He was taller! It was a miracle, a blessing, a sign of good things to come. Raivis went through his chores jovially that day, nervous as ever, but smiling a lot more. At this rate he'd reclaim those ten centimeters easy.

That night he was informed that he had done it wrong after excitedly showing the other Baltics, for that one wayward curl that he had measured did not really count. By the next morning he was grumpier than ever, nursing a horrid hangover and contemplating the practicality of wearing six inch heels every day.
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Sveiki, it's Latvia.
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