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 Sveiki. I am Tyrol. Now go away.

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Sveiki. I am Tyrol. Now go away. Empty
PostSubject: Sveiki. I am Tyrol. Now go away.   Sveiki. I am Tyrol. Now go away. EmptySeptember 8th 2013, 8:37 am

Country/Province/State/City: Lithuania. Simple.
Human First and Last Name: Tyrol Laurinaitis. Don't forget it.
Appearance: I look like Torus. But my hair is black and pulled into a flimsy ponytail. I also have paler skin and dark purple eyes.

Differences: I actually have a spine, for one. I don't let people push me around. .___. I am... I guess, cannibalistic. I enjoy seared flesh. I enjoy my space and my quiet. So, unless you want a knife in your kidney, stay away from me. Unless you have a good reason of course. I get pissed off easily, so watch what you say to me. I kid you not. Evil or Very Mad

Role-Play Sample: Tyrol Laurinaitis walked through the quiet house, looking around at all the old portraits. He sighed, disgusted with himself at what had happened all those years ago. He had only been about 14 when he had lost it. He lost everything when he lost his sanity, his family, his friends, his home... Now he was just an empty shell, haunting his town and terrorizing the civilians in it. It was to late to save himself by now, and that was it.
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Sveiki. I am Tyrol. Now go away.
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