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 S-s-sveiki! Toris Laurinaitis h-here!

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S-s-sveiki! Toris Laurinaitis h-here! Empty
PostSubject: S-s-sveiki! Toris Laurinaitis h-here!   S-s-sveiki! Toris Laurinaitis h-here! EmptySeptember 7th 2013, 5:04 pm

((Hello! I will not share my real name, so may know me as Jay. I'm 12, but I turn 13 in October. I live in Tennessee, USA. I'm nerdy and all that wonderful stuff that makes you unloved at school. BUT, I don't care what people say. I will ship anything you have to throw at me, but I like some ships better than others. I'm kinda've an idiot so I get confused easily, but I kinda have mental issues so I might burst into random emotions and such. But, I will gladly Roleplay whenever!))
Character:Toris Laurinaitis(Lithuania)
Rp starter:
Toris was just having a normal day, he woke up and did his daily morning routine, made breakfast for everyone, and cleaned the first floor of the house. He had gone grocery shopping and cleaned some more. He was quite bored with his life by now. He wanted something interesting to happen, something out of the ordinary. So that was why he had packed his bags and left. He was going to explore, make new friends, and perhaps start a new life. He hoped no one would come after him, especially Ivan. He sighed and walked down the sidewalk, his bags on his shoulders. "I wonder what'll happen with my life..." He smiled slightly and continued walking on his way.
(I'm sorry it sucks so bad. ;w;)
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S-s-sveiki! Toris Laurinaitis h-here!
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