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 Fem!Korea Form

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Im Eun-sun
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Im Eun-sun

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PostSubject: Fem!Korea Form   Fem!Korea Form EmptyMarch 22nd 2013, 3:48 pm

Country/Province/State/City: South Korea or Republic of Korea
Human First and Last Name: Im, Eun-Sun
Appearance: Basically, canon Fem!Korea. She just wears casual more than traditional. Still, here is a picture: Fem!Korea Form Aaaaaa11
Anything Else?
  • She plays the violin, piano and the guitar. Like a boss.
  • She trolls.
  • She likes to sing and dance (mostly to kpop).
  • Even though she is the female personification of Republic of Korea, she definitely would hate it if someone views at her is Yong-soo, her brother.

Role-Play Sample:

Let me, the most pretty Asian out there, to sing you a very popular (kpop) Song! -takes out her guitar from her bag, eager to play out one of her favorite kpop hits-

[Happy(?)] Eun-sun smiles brightly as she feels her heart beating rapidly while her stomach flew butterflies everywhere. After all, today was a very important day. With her silky, dark brown hair dancing through the cold air, she tightly holds her bag tightly to her chest, a small blush creeping up on her cheeks. Slowly, she takes a deep breath, her open fingers reaching for the door to knock quietly as her heart fluttered with embarrassment and excitement at the same time for the person who was so close and yet so far from her.

As soon as she hears the doorknob slowly turning, Eun-sun quickly faces down to the ground, her hand soon reaching into mid air with the bag in her hands. "Happy Birthday!" She quickly shouts under her breath, unable to hold her excitement down.
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Fem!Korea Form
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