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 Presenting the quintessential gentleman, yours truly, Arthur Kirkland.

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Arthur Kirkland
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Arthur Kirkland

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Presenting the quintessential gentleman, yours truly, Arthur Kirkland. Empty
PostSubject: Presenting the quintessential gentleman, yours truly, Arthur Kirkland.   Presenting the quintessential gentleman, yours truly, Arthur Kirkland. EmptyAugust 29th 2013, 11:34 pm

Out-Of-Character:((Hello, although perhaps later I might be more inclined to give my name, for now you can call me Captain. I'm rather reserved, but fairly friendly and mostly leant towards cracking bad jokes than making small talk (as I am no good at it). I've been rping for a while, although strangely enough, this particular character is fairly new to me in terms of actually handling him. I have no qualms against shippings, but it's probably best to contact me privately in order for me to correctly express how I might feel about certain ones that are very apparent in the Hetalia Fandom. It is also fair to say that I do not know how to end introductions or conversations without being awkward.))

Country/Province/State/City: England/The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Human First and Last Name: Arthur Kirkland

Role-Play Sample: Arthur would have come earlier, but the taxi had been a half hour late and it hand begun to rain on him and his luggage by the time that they would be remotely close to being on their way. He could only hope that the person whom had agreed to host him would be patient enough to wait for him. Why would he however? After all, the Englishman promised to be punctual, and every minute he spent reaching the destination, he was a minute more late. Fretting over it, he tapped the locking peg impatiently, pushing on it lightly enough that it wouldn't accidentally lock him in. However, just how the lock could be easily unlocked with a pull, his worries were unnecessary and there was a simple solution to it. Not that he needed to result to anything. It was to his serendipitous pleasure that he'd find the lights to the flat on, once he pulled his damp luggage from the car, refusing to pay anything more than the fair price that was owed. In fact, he'd make it a point to crumble the bills in his hand before handing them to the driver, and slamming the door fairly hard. Disgruntled, he realised that this sort of behaviour wouldn't be acceptable once he came in the home of his host, and closed his eyes. The rain poured over him, and seemingly washed away his anger. A smile would soon appear-- polite and courteous, as he should be. No need to worry about it all now, lest he bring grief to such allowing people! Once he had approached the door, he knocking fairly hard, hoping for a quick response. He cold now, and the winds blowing did not help the situation. Perhaps he should have meditated whilst under the roof's porch.
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Presenting the quintessential gentleman, yours truly, Arthur Kirkland.
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