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 Helo! Dylan Kirkland, otherwise known as Wales!

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Dylan Kirkland

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Helo! Dylan Kirkland, otherwise known as Wales! Empty
PostSubject: Helo! Dylan Kirkland, otherwise known as Wales!   Helo! Dylan Kirkland, otherwise known as Wales! EmptyDecember 13th 2013, 12:29 pm

Country/Province/State/City: Wales [Cymru]
Human First and Last Name: Dylan Kirkland
Dylan has messy reddish-brown hair, and green eyes with a tint of a coal colour in them, he resembles Britannia the most out of his siblings.
Christmas picture:
Gender: Male
Dylan is a bit of a troublemaker, and it seems to follow him no matter where he is, he's very rude at times without meaning to be, he doesn't exactly think of what he says before he says it, and it's rare to see him apologizing to anyone due to his pride, he doesn't break it for many people just so say he's sorry, or to admit that he was the one in the wrong. However, if he does something to any one of his family members [except England], you can bet he's apologizing the minute he realizes what he's done. Dylan is generally easy to get along with, until you've gotten on his bad side, and once you're there it's hard to get away from that. Generally, sweets win him over. Dylan enjoys over-exaggerating things when it's unneeded.

Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia.
England, Prussia, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, America, Canada.

The history of Wales begins with the arrival of human beings in the area thousands of years ago, Neanderthals lived in what is now Wales at least 230,000 years ago. They had arrived by about 31,000BC. However, continuing the habitation by modern people dates from the period after the last ice age, around 9000BC, and Wales has many remains from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age. During the Iron Age, the region, like all of Britain south of Firth of Fourth was dominatied by the Celtic Britons and the 'British' language. The Romans, who began their conquest of Britain in AD  43, first compained what is now Northeast Wales.

During the Roman Era,  Wales was a rich source of mineral wealth and the Romans used their engineering technology to extract large amounts of gold, copper and lead as well as modest amounts of some other metals as zinc and silver. When the mines were no longer practical or profitable, they were abandoned. Roman economic development was concentrated in Southeast Britain, with no significant industries located in Wales.

In the Early Medieval times, Wales was now coming under increasing attacks from the vikings, particularly Danish raids in the period between 950, and 1000. According to the chronicle Brut y Tyqsogion, Godfrey Haroldson carried off two thousand captives. The king of Gwynedd reported to have redeeme d many of his subjects from slavery by paying the Danes a large ransom.

Modern History in Wales starts in the 19th century when South Wales became industrialized with ironworks. This, along with the spread of the Coal mining to the Cynon and Thondda valleys from the 1840s, lead to an increase in population. Socialism developed in South Wales in the latter part of the century, accompanied with the increasing politicization of religion nonconformism.

The first decade of the 20th century was the period of the coal boom in South Wales, when the population growth exceeded 20%. Demographic changes affected the language frontier; the proportion of Welsh speakers in Rhondda valley fell from 64% in 1901 to 55% ten years later.

Fun Facts:

  1. Dylan isn't called the land of song for nothing. He's a really good singer, and he's not afraid to admit that. Though, don't ask him this when he's had a bit too much alcohol.
  2. When America was young, he would always talk to England about 'Whales', meaning Dylan, and ask Dylan if he could breathe underwater. This always annoyed the Welsh man to no end, and it only got worse when America had asked if he could make Whale sounds.
  3. If Scotland is misbehaving at a World Meeting, Wales will drag him over to the Phony Nation Table by the ear and force him to stay there for the rest of the meeting
  4. Dylan HATES being compared to England as his 'twin'.
  5. Wales can draw his flag without problems.
  6. Dylan likes making Herbs and drugging people with them, usually through cakes or cupcakes. His siblings know not to touch his baking when he looks creepily happy. 
  7. Dylan was taught Herbs by fem!Scotland.
  8. Dylan can't swim.
  9. Dylan likes to Joke with New Zealand about him being NZ's favourite uncle.
  10. Dylan can also play the piano extremely well.

Role-Play Sample: 

Dylan hummed lightly as he walked down the stairs, giggling to himself. He had the tackiest sweater he could find on, and a pair of bi-coloured pants. It was Christmas, and oh was he ready for this! Tacky sweaters, decorating the house! It was a lovely time of the year, he was glad he lived alone, he was singing Christmas tunes, giggling. He went into the kitchen to bake a few fruitcakes, and make gingerbread houses, gingerbread men. It was his favourite time of year! All the things to do, all the gifts to get, wrap the gifts. Aaah! It was going to be so much fun. Dylans cat nearly tripped him, causing him to squeak lightly, "Hey, Aelwyn! You can't just walk in front'a me like that!" he whined, his vowels exaggerated due to his accent. The cat just mewed loudly at him, he rolled his eyes. "You want to help bake?" he laughed, knowing the cat wanted food, it meowed again, "I know, I know." he said, going to get the bag of food to feed the kitten when there was a knock on his door, he was confused. Who could it be...? "Who is it?" he called from the kitchen, getting the cat feed.
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Helo! Dylan Kirkland, otherwise known as Wales!
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