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 Olivia Kirkland is my name, darling~

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Olivia Kirkland is my name, darling~ Empty
PostSubject: Olivia Kirkland is my name, darling~   Olivia Kirkland is my name, darling~ EmptyOctober 15th 2013, 6:09 pm

Country/Province/State/City: England
Human First and Last Name: Olivia Kirkland
Appearance: Olivia has bright blue eyes and light brown hair. Her outfit of choice is a pink dress with a white apron over it. Both the apron and the dress have hearts sewed onto the bottom. Her hair is always in pigtails, and the ribbons she uses to keep it up are pink. She wears a ribbon around her neck tied into a bow that is pink, just like the ribbons in her hair. Also, she wears white gloves when she is not baking or decorating cupcakes.

Differences: Olivia acts childish and less serious then her 1P self, but she can be violent. She does try to make friends, which does happen because of her sweet personality. Olivia will seem nice at first, but if you get on her bad side there will be a chance she will hurt you and/or poison you. Also, Olivia likes to hum and skip a lot when happy, and when upset she pouts often.

Role-Play Sample: Olivia smiled sweetly as she skipped towards the kitchen to fetch her latest batch of cupcakes. As she entered, she cheerfully hummed a tune, skipping over to the counter to grab the tray. Still humming, Olivia walked calmly over to the other counter to decorate them. She heard a knock on the door and stopped. "I wonder who that could be~?" She wondered out loud, placing the cupcake she had been frosting onto the tray again. Smiling, she skipped to the door, and opened it. "Hello, darling~" Olivia said in a sing-song voice after seeing who it was.
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Olivia Kirkland is my name, darling~
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