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 Halló from Iceland.

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Egill Gunnersson

Egill Gunnersson

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Halló from Iceland. Empty
PostSubject: Halló from Iceland.   Halló from Iceland. EmptyNovember 20th 2013, 1:15 am

Out-Of-Character: [Hello! My name is Melinda and I have been in the Hetalia fandom for about a year. As for roleplay, I have been roleplaying for about four years. I know a couple words in about thirteen different languages- thirteen or around there. Ask me about it and I will tell you as much as I can! In the future, I hope to be a translator tho I will not be going to college until later on in life (late twenties). I will be using next to all my finances to move to Europe where I will take one or two college courses but not full out college. Besides Iceland who I am most comfortable RPing, I also RP 2P!Poland (Lucjan Brzoza), Russia (Ivan Braginsky), Devil!America (Alfred Jones- there is also another version of him like this that I RP), and the other Nordics.]

Country/Province/State/City: Iceland.
Human First and Last Name: Egill Gunnersson.

Role-Play Sample: [I am giving you one of my best starters but the starter's setting is Medieval AU.]

It was a fairly nice day, the weather was pretty nice. Cool breezes gently whistled and blew throughout the small, quaint town near the outskirts of the village. Well, not the outskirts. A farm to be exact, a bit more north and about an hours walk from the town. Here, lively and healthy crops grew. Various kinds, wonderful kinds. Corn, tomatoes, potatoes, rhubarb, watermelon, pumpkins. There were even nice smelling spices used in oh so many soups, such as basil, peppermint, cloves and a couple others. Then of course, there was a small lot of land with its own purpose. To grow cotton. It was so expensive to buy to make clothes so the owners of the house decided to grow their own bushels of white, soft cotton. Now lets not forget the orchards, with their tall, thick and sturdy roots. On them grew apples, lemons, peaches, oranges, peers! Delicious, bright colored fruits adorned the crisp green leaves. Among those trees, bushes were settled as their companions. Blueberries, strawberries, elderberries, gooseberries, raspberries.. a few more, all to add to soups or even to make jam! Oh that farm was so colorful with all the plants, trees and bushes.

Even the occasional flower bush was spotted here and there, but not many. They were just decorations to make everything look so much more colorful, but not to many now or else they wouldn't have room to grow anything else! Though of course, the cattle or the donkey's would occasionally chew some of those flowers if they got out of their pasture. The horses tended to leave them alone, the flock of ducks and geese never caused a problem. Neither did the cats and the well-trained hunting dogs, some were even retired war dogs which were not that expensive but they helped. But oh, the goats. The ghost were always a bit troublesome, couldn't take your eye off them for a moment or they'd be causing havoc. Egill Gunnersson never minded chasing them off from the crops though, it was his daily job.

Now who was Egill? A fairly reserved sixteen year old boy who inherited that beautiful land after his parents passed away and his half brother was no where to be seen. He was always busy with it, up keep and harvest. From a bit before dawn to make breakfast, then tend to the crops, feed the animals- It was a lot of hard work for a boy his age but it was all done before the day ended. Egill wouldn't go to sleep that night without finishing his work anyways, he was a hard worker. Though his house didn't show that off. His land, which would make someone think an aristocrat owned, was nothing compared to his house. His house was made of boards, planks, ship wreckage. It was small and falling apart from years of wear and tear. It kept him protected from the elements and warm in the winter, there was no holes in the roof so Egill saw no reason to fix it.

Today, Egill decided he'd take the day off before he would have to start the harvesting of most of the crops before it was to late. They were quite ripe already. So there he sat on the porch, on one of the steps. He was eating some fruit, an orange and a lemon to be exact. He had gotten use to the sour taste but the sweet taste of the orange made up for what the lemon lacked. Currently Egill was wearing a brown jacket, a buttoned up shirt which was rare, he was usually in thin, tattered cloth because of his work. A ribbon tied into a bow around his neck and dress trousers, it was a nice day and a bit chilly so he figured that he might as well. For once, that silver, soft hair of his was washed and combed. He took a bath today, having the time.

Removing the black smudges from it, along with the black smudges on his face. Egill also made a good blacksmith so here and there, he did weld metal to fix things about the farm. Plus, he dealt with coal when it came to making a fire for whatever reason. Thus the black smudges on his face and hair. His parents always did tell him he would make a good blacksmith. Right now though, he was content being a farmer. He could protect himself, weld metal, take care of his home and live stock. Egill could make enough to get by as well and that was why he was pretty happy with his life. Not a lot of friends though and despite his attire, he was expecting no visitors today, or well, at the moment. No one ever really visited him.
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Halló from Iceland.
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