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 Hallo, all.

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Monika Beilschmidt

Monika Beilschmidt

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Hallo, all. Empty
PostSubject: Hallo, all.   Hallo, all. EmptyNovember 24th 2013, 2:59 pm

Country/Province/State/City: Federal Republic of Germany
Human First and Last Name: Monika Beilschmidt
Hallo, all. Tumblr_lkho5t7LRO1qe7cexo1_500

Anything Else? Austria/nyo!Germany, Germancest. Thaat is all. //waves I'm Aleks' admin.

Role-Play Sample: 
It was a shameful job, but it was what the Blonde had to do to get work done. Maybe not, she could've done various other degrading things. Of course, this was the least of them. She had worked for a biker gang being their... 'Helper' so to speak. That was the cleaner way to put it, the German girl had never asked for this, she never would've if she'd gotten the choice. She definitely knew what her father would've said. He would have been disappointed. So would her older brother, everyone in the young German female's family would never know her if they ever found out, and she feared that would be just her luck that her brother would find her out here. Oh, how she hoped that wouldn't happen...

The next night, Monika woke up with the stranger, and her head hurt. It had become a normal occurrence with these bikers, though. It was nothing out of the blue when she woke up in pain. They weren't exactly... Gentlest people ever. She rolled over, but had a tight arm wrapped around her waist. She grunted lightly, mumbling in German. She hurt, definitely. All over. It was an off feeling, she cracked open a light blue eye, letting out a small yawn, "Loslassen." she mumbled, she hadn't picked up on her surroundings yet, but little did the German know; she'd been here years before. She knew the person she'd been in bed with, as well. Though, before going through with actually... doing things, with her clients, she got drunk off her ass. She took a deep breath, and turned back over to face the person - usually some cuddles, or nuzzling got them off. This person seemed persistent to keep her in their grip, though. It began to get uncomfortable, but she simply closed her eyes, and nuzzled them, hoping that they would get off soon.

tw??/smut/i dont know anymore im just being safe:
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Hallo, all.
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