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 Bonjour! Quirina Zwingli is here!

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Quirina Zwingli

Quirina Zwingli

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Bonjour! Quirina Zwingli is here! Empty
PostSubject: Bonjour! Quirina Zwingli is here!   Bonjour! Quirina Zwingli is here! EmptyNovember 11th 2013, 5:04 pm

Country/Province/State/City: The Swiss Republic
Human First and Last Name: Quirina Zwingli
Appearance: Pale skin and long blond hair that goes to just below the middle of her back.  Her bangs go to her right and is held back by a light pink flower clip.  On her left hip is a small, hand held gun, and slung across her back is a rifle.  She wears a pink dress that goes to just above mid thigh and a light green jacket that goes to just below her dress.  She wears a light brown protective corset like piece of clothing just underneath her breasts.  Her boots and gloves are both leather, with her boots going to mid thigh and gloves going slightly past her wrists.  Her eyes are hazel.  She also wears a red and green necklace and a Swiss made watch.
Differences: She is very friendly and overall extremely gregarious.  She is not as trigger happy as her 1P! counterpart, although if she is angered she will be quick to pull out and use her rifle and/or hand gun.  She loves to battle, getting involved in almost any argument.  She is not as stingy with her money as Vash is, liking to buy slightly expensive food stuffs.  She is a mild flirt, though she will only flirt with other humans, not inanimate objects.  This also means that, besides English, she likes to speak French, not German. She also loves to play the piano, a skill she learned because she likes Austria.

Role-Play Sample: With a sigh, Quirina wipes her forehead on her left glove to remove some of the blood caked there.  Quickly, she loads another bullet into her rifle and glances cautiously out around the corner of the hall.  With an evil grin, she spots her enemy, a tall, ugly grey creature that slightly resembles Tony.  "No enemy is going to get the best of Quirina!" she mutters, her hazel eyes cold.  In one swift movement, she jumps out into the hallway, aims her rifle at the thing's head, and shoots.  She crows in triumph as the thing falls, disappearing as it falls.  "Ah, quelle suprise!  Tu es morts et je ne morts pas!" she remarks in French.  "Now, to find my friends," she says, taking up a jog in the direction she was originally going in.  ((Hope that is good!  Oh, and the French translates to "Ah, what a surprise!  You are dead and I am not!".  And I did not use Google translate for that.))
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Bonjour! Quirina Zwingli is here!
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