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 Bonjour Evreyone, I am Monaco

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Bonjour Evreyone, I am Monaco Empty
PostSubject: Bonjour Evreyone, I am Monaco   Bonjour Evreyone, I am Monaco EmptyAugust 28th 2013, 7:19 pm

Squid Sticks

Out-Of-Character: (( Ah hello evryone! My name is Brianna! But call me Bri if ya like! I am pretty much a muti- shipper So I pretty much ship every paring known to the hetalia fandom! And yes. I love Iceland X Fridge. I'm am really looking forward to to talking to you all! ^^ Ok..Let me let Geni speak now!))

Country/Province/State/City: Principality of Monaco

Human First and Last Name: Genieveve Bonnefoy

Role-Play Sample: The weather in Monte Carlo was nice and sunny without one cloud in the sky. There were people walking down.the streets, playing on the sandy beaches or even heading to the casino or the opera house. While all this activity was going on, there was a young lady about in her late teens sitting in a cafe. She had beautiful blonde hair which was braided up into a side style. And she wore a slightly purple dress and wore a matching bow in her hair. That lady, is the personifiction of this county, Monaco, a wealthy playground for the rich and the lucky. She continued watching from the cafe but was some what worried about things aswell, She had allways been so worried about the fate of the counties that is somewhat made her worry at times, but she kept that all in her mind as she sipped on some coffee. She sighed and then closed her eyes while she cotinued to think.

(( Please let me khow if there is anything I have to fix! I would be happy to do so!))
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Bonjour Evreyone, I am Monaco
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