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 Bonjour, everyone~!I am Francis~!

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Francis Bonnefoy
French Baguette
Francis Bonnefoy

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Bonjour, everyone~!I am Francis~! Empty
PostSubject: Bonjour, everyone~!I am Francis~!   Bonjour, everyone~!I am Francis~! EmptyAugust 28th 2013, 9:00 pm

Squid Sticks~

Out of Character:[Hello~! My name is Stephanie, but you can call me 'Noodle'. I am honestly fairly new at forum  chats, but I am excited to be rping with everyone. I am a multi-shipper that's fine with every ship~! And please, if you see something wrong with what I type ,please correct me so I could do better in the future. OuO]

Country/Province/State/City: The Republic of France

Human First and last name: Francis Bonnefoy

Sample: The young Frenchman sat in his fancy-looking balcony ,which only had a table holding his favorite wine with a glass for the magnificent elixir, he was admiring the scenery of his magnificent capital, Paris. Everything was absolutely beautiful, from the view of the Eiffel tower to the streets filled with young love. Love, love was a simply delightful thing, no? Francis always enjoyed watching the young lovers from afar, it was the closest thing for the rather old nation got to true 'amour'. Due to him being a nation, he was never allowed to experience  true feeling known as love, how ironic for the 'Country of Love' to have never been allowed to feel it. For a nation, marriage is for political reasons such as treaties. For a nation, one must not get to attached to a human or else it would end in pain. For a nation, one must not fall for another nation due to future tensions between leaders. The Frenchman let out a sigh and reached out for a bottle of fine wine ,straight from Bordeaux, he then poured the sweet liquid  in the sparkling glass. After taking a whiff of the wine he took a sip from the glass, a soft smile grew upon his practically flawless face as he watched the passing lovers. They are lucky.

Love is something that should not be forced upon others.
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Bonjour, everyone~!I am Francis~!
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