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 Hej Hej! 2P Norway here!

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Aleksander Bondevik

Aleksander Bondevik

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Hej Hej! 2P Norway here! Empty
PostSubject: Hej Hej! 2P Norway here!   Hej Hej! 2P Norway here! EmptySeptember 11th 2013, 7:38 am

Country: Norway

Name: Nickolas Bondeivk (2P, you can call him Nic, Nikkie or whatever)

Differences from 1P Norway:

He's a major dork
He's clumsy
Very sensitive about what other people think
If not careful he can be a bit of a mischief maker
Wears bright colors a lot of the time

Really light purple eyes / red
Light brown hair w/o a hair pin most of the time
defiantly not as pale as 1P Norway

Le RP sample:

Nickolas giggled, watching as a few people walked by. He had recently gotten himself into trouble and stood up close against the door, looking out the window on the door keeping him inside. Nickolas watched as someone similar to him started to walk down the hall catching his attention instantly and he frowned tapping on the glass like a frantic child looking at a fish in a glass bowl. "Hej Hej~! You look like me! Why?" He asked staring intently out at the other person, their emotionless face not deterring him in the slightest "Tell me why I'm in here?" Nickolas asked, fully oblivious that they couldn't hear him out side of the room and just stared at him as Nickolas threw a fit and kicked the wall a few times, sitting down shortly after and holding his foot.
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Hej Hej! 2P Norway here!
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