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 Γειά σου, I'm Harold.

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Harold Karpusi♥
Harold Karpusi♥

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Γειά σου, I'm Harold. Empty
PostSubject: Γειά σου, I'm Harold.   Γειά σου, I'm Harold. EmptyApril 18th 2013, 7:48 pm

Country/Province/State/City: Greece
Human First and Last Name: Harold (Heracles) Karpusi
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and lighter skin than his 1P.
Γειά σου, I'm Harold. Harold10

2P 1P
Finds cats a nuisance. Loves cats.
Hates staying still for too long. Loves lounging around.
More action, less thinking. Less action, more thinking.
Avoids talking about sex and/or anything related. Openly speaks about sex and/or anything related.
Doesn't care for philosophies. Enjoys speculating on philosophies.

Role-Play Sample: Harold padded along the dust covered ground, the dirt darkening his scruffy beige paws. Smelling the wind he could tell that if he stayed on course he'd come to a very, very populated area where he could probably find food, shelter, and some good rumors to spread around. As a werecat he can easily slip into a tavern or inn to get the latest secrets to sell. It was an easy life and got him enough money to get by on, but after a while it get tiring eavesdropping on people that merely see him as a cat and nothing more. He wanted something more, more then just pick-pocketing and looting, more then just the minimum wage he gets from working peasants, he needed a living that could get him a ton of money so that he can just buy milk and meats and furs to live with so that he wouldn't go hungry or freeze in the nights. Maybe this place he was headed for had something offer this bored cat.
Stepping into a small puddle he lifted his paw in disgust, shaking it till the mucky water let go of his long furs and splatted back into it's puddle. He mentally sighed in disgust as he made sure to step around the water and continued his way toward population. His large eyes scanned the area ahead of him. From what he could see beyond the blinding light from the sun above and the flutter bugs flying past him he was nearing his destination. Straying from the dirt path he went into the grass, using the shrubbery and rocks to hide from any travelers that happened to be on the road. He didn't want to be seen as for fear that someone might recognize him beyond his scruffy cat look. That would ruin everything.
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Γειά σου, I'm Harold.
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