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 Γειά σου, I'm Greece.

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Heracles Karpusi♥
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Heracles Karpusi♥

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Γειά σου, I'm Greece. Empty
PostSubject: Γειά σου, I'm Greece.   Γειά σου, I'm Greece. EmptyApril 18th 2013, 7:30 pm

Out-Of-Character: ((I am the head admin of the site and my other account is Harold Karpusi. I may or may not make a North Korea acct... probably not... I love organizing rp sites and keeping up to date with things, etc... I'm really nice, putting others before, but I can also be rather blunt although I try my best to refrain from hurting someone's feelings.))

Country/Province/State/City: Greece
Human First and Last Name: Heracles Karpusi

Role-Play Sample: Greece was lounging in the middle of an open field near a playground swarming with kids. He had cats surrounding him, some running around chasing butterflies, others trying to escape the clingy hands of children. He had his hat placed next to him which provided a bed for one of his more fluffier, lazier cat, and his jacket was bundled up underneath his head. The sun beated lightly on his olive skin and the white fluffy clouds rolled in and out creating the perfect ratio of shade and sun, and the grass smelt sweet, along with the cool breeze that carried the sweet smell of nectar and various other flowers. Seeing this as the perfect day for a nap outside, Greece closed his eyes and hoped for an pleasant sleep.
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Γειά σου, I'm Greece.
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