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 The Awesomeness has arrived!

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The Awesomeness has arrived!  Empty
PostSubject: The Awesomeness has arrived!    The Awesomeness has arrived!  EmptySeptember 8th 2013, 12:21 am

Out-Of-Character:((Call me Gil, it's fitting enough. Hetalia's my latest addiction and it's the fandom I always come back to, with Prussia being one of my favourite characters off all time. I have a bad habit of spelling as though I were an English person even though I'm American - usually it's just favourite and grey. As far as ships go, there's an endless list for me. My top ship is PruCan, followed closely by PruAus and USUK. I also like PruAme, PruCanAme, Germancest, PruHun, AusHun, the Frying Pangle, PrUK, the Bad Touch/Friends Trio, Spamano, RusAme, CanAme, etc. I've got a thing for languages, birds, and maple syrup. I'm looking forward to role-playing here.))

Country/Province/State/City: The Kingdom of Prussia / Preu├čen / Prussia
Human First and Last Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt

Role-Play Sample: The little fluffy bird twittered on his head, the pitch of it's notes signifying impatience. Gilbert snorted and grinned, trying to look up at the top of his head. "Almost done," he promised, flipping another pancake. The pile on the plate to his left wasn't quite as perfect looking as the ones his little brother or that Canadian usually made, but he'd dyed the batter Prussian Blue with food coloring, so in his opinion, these were the most Awesome pancakes to ever exist. He added the final cake, another epitome of Awesome, to the pile and turned the stove off, leaving the pan for his brother to obsessively clean later. After grabbing a fork from the drawer, he pulled the maple syrup from it's place and doused the pile of blue goodness in a less than healthy amount of sweet perfection. He ripped a bit off of the top pancake and dipped it in the syrup pool on the plate before holding it up for his little bird to peck at greedily. Then he cut the stack and wasted no time in filling his mouth with the Awesomeness that was his breakfast, moaning in satisfaction at the taste.
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The Awesomeness has arrived!
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