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 Poland has arrived!

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Feliks Lukasiewicz

Feliks Lukasiewicz

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Poland has arrived! Empty
PostSubject: Poland has arrived!   Poland has arrived! EmptyOctober 9th 2013, 6:39 pm

Out-Of-Character: (Hello everyone!  On forum's like this I tend to go by Isabella, as well as any nicknames that my character goes by.  I love to write fan fiction and stories of my own fabrication, and I love to read in my free time.  In regards to shipping, my favorite pairings are PolLiet, Spamano, FrUK, and NiChu, however I will tolerate most pairs.  The only pairing that I can't really tolerate is RoChu.  When posting, I have a habit of being kinda lengthy because I write and I'm used to being really descriptive; and I now tend to write in the present tense.)

Country/Province/State/City: Republic of Poland
Human First and Last Name: Feliks Lukasiewicz

Role-Play Sample: Feliks gives a jerk of his head, flipping a strand of blood stained hair out of his face.  He shifts his footing, his gaze never leaving his opponent.  Blood runs down through the split sleeve and capelet on his left arm from a long and deep wound.  Through the red of blood, the rippling red of muscle can be seen, and beyond that the exposed white of bone.  Tensing his legs and flipping his sword grip, the Pole runs at his enemy, meeting the cold gaze of his 2P.  "There is, like, no way that I'll loose to him," Poland thinks, his blade connecting with his 2P's blade.  His digs his heels into the red stained grass.  "It is so time for you to give up.  I am totally going to win this," Poland says aloud, pushing harder into his blade.  (My apologies that this is so short and kinda abrupt.)
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Poland has arrived!
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