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 Salut, I'm Victorique~

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Victorique Popescu

Victorique Popescu

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Salut, I'm Victorique~ Empty
PostSubject: Salut, I'm Victorique~   Salut, I'm Victorique~ EmptySeptember 1st 2013, 8:43 pm

Country/Province/State/City: Romania
Human First and Last Name: Victorique Popescu
Appearance: Vic has long blonde hair, it reaches her hips. She has red eyes, and her teeth are fangs. She has the small hat, and large breasts. About as large as Ukraines, if not a bit larger. Though she doesn't complain about them, she doesn't show them much, she doesn't really want people liking her for that. She has two tattoos, both are on her hips/sides. 

Anything Else? (post anything here that you'd like to add)

Role-Play Sample: (Here you will write a simple sample of your role-playing. IT MUST BE IN CHARACTER.)

Victorique was so interested in learning more magic, though it seemed the more time she spent on it, the more there was to learn. My god it was frusterating! She had to finally take a break from learning, and go be the social nation she was. She would happily skip around the meeting room and talk to everyone! Though, she was likely to avoid Hungary and talk to Bulgaria, France, Denmark and Scotland more than anyone. She was a generally happy nation, it took a lot to change her mood. She liked having people around, and hated being alone.
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Salut, I'm Victorique~
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