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 Salut, I am Romania!

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Salut, I am Romania! Empty
PostSubject: Salut, I am Romania!   Salut, I am Romania! EmptySeptember 1st 2013, 1:02 am

Out-Of-Character: ((Hi there. :3 My name is Ana and I'm just a roleplayer from the New England region in the United States. I'm kind of shy at first with things and may take a moment to figure the forum out, but I want to try my best and hopefully have some fun, enjoyable roleplays with everybody. I'm working towards being a better writer and artist, so any constructive criticism and support is welcome. I particularly like the fantasy, horror, science fiction, historical fiction and romance genres, though anything is fine. As far as ships go I like a lot of them. xD For Romania I personally like RomBul but I don't mind doing different ships and whatever you're interested in.))

Country/Province/State/City: Romania
Human First and Last Name: Vladimir Lupei ((Though he doesn't have an official canon name, this seems to be the most common.))

Role-Play Sample: It was common knowledge by now that Vladimir loved magic and anything invoking the supernatural. Though many found this to be a strange quirk, it simply came naturally to him as it had a familiar place in his culture. He had tried to share much of these interests with his Bulgarian friend, who was more freaked out by it than intrigued. Sitting in his cozy little parlor as the rain came down, he read over an old spell book again out of complete boredom. With a surge of curiosity, he wondered what his comrades were currently doing. Moldova was probably too busy with his obligations to come over, and he had heard Norway was dealing with a get together with the other Nordic nations. England was a bit of a recluse and when he was engaged in social activities it generally seemed to be an argument of some kind. Not sure what Bulgaria could be doing at the moment, the Romanian male decided it would be a fun idea to go over to his house and surprise him. Smiling enthusiastically, he got up from his seat and threw on a coat, running outside and not very bothered by the pouring rain soaking him.
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Salut, I am Romania!
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