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 Konnichiwa, I am Japan

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PostSubject: Konnichiwa, I am Japan   Konnichiwa, I am Japan EmptyAugust 30th 2013, 4:43 pm

Out-Of-Character: Hello, my name's Scar -well that's a contraction of it anyway- and I am from the UK. I am often overly formal and quiet unless I know you well. I've been roleplaying for a few years and a fan of Hetalia for around a year now. As for shiping I'm not overly fussy but a few notable ones for my character are: AsaKiku, NiChu, NiWan and Giripan

Country/Province/State/City: Japan
Human First and Last Name: Kiku Honda

Role-Play Sample: Japan watches the large river, his eyes following the ripples made by koi swimming just below the surface. Their bodies mingle creating seas of shifting colour as they go about their own survival focused lives. He allows a small smile to grow, he has missed peaceful evenings under the night sky, the moon's reflection disturbed by splashing tails. Pochi lays contentedly next to him, almost asleep but still somewhat alert. His ears prick as soft footsteps reach him, lifting his head in curiosity. Japan also glances in surprise, who would be calling at this time of night?  
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Konnichiwa, I am Japan
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