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 Konnichiwa, I'm Japan

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Honda Kiku

Honda Kiku

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Konnichiwa, I'm Japan  Empty
PostSubject: Konnichiwa, I'm Japan    Konnichiwa, I'm Japan  EmptyNovember 12th 2013, 3:37 pm

Out-Of-Character: [ Hello, I am the admin of Japan! My name Caitlin, but I prefer to be called Caito. I am thirteen, and I  currently reside in the United States; my home country. I absolutely love to roleplay, I started it when I was quite young, starting with literate roleplay, not script. I always try to be polite to everyone, unless my sour temper may flare, which is hard to que. I may seem rather very awkward, giddy, and melancholic but I do know when to be serious. I enjoy spending my time watching anime,reading, or just making friends. I love Kpop, Jpop, Alternative, and Rock music.. My favourite food is spaghetti, and I am a history/archaeology fanatic. As for my shippings.. I'm okay with many ships, but I mostly prefer yaoi. I do have a few favored ones; GiriPan, AmeriPan and AsaKiku.
-I suppose that's all for myself, always feel free to message me! Goodbye!  ]

Country/Province/State/City: Japan/The State of Japan/Nihon
Human First and Last Name: Kiku Honda (Honda Kiku)

Role-Play Sample: Kiku Honda, the nation of Japan, folded his hands as he looked around at the beautiful scenery. It was spring, the season that he had always favored the most. It wasn't too hot, nor too cold. Cherry blossoms scattered as the breeze blew by, carrying them in flurries as they fell all around the brown-eyed man. Birds sang their melody as they flew overhead, flapping their delicate wings. Children were playing outside with soft chortles and laughs, while their parents watched from the porches. The Asian continued to walk along, fixing the violet robe of his deep blue yukata, calmly sighing under his breath as his sandals softly dug into the ground of the dirt path. He raised one of his pale hands up to one of the branches, plucking off one of the light pink flowers. He gazed at it for a few moments with a faint smile plastered onto his face. Thoughts filled the Oriental's head, most being from past memories, or times that he had spent with his friends or family. Letting the flower ghost through his fingers, he turned around and carried on. His white pup following at his side with a small bark as they begun to journey back home. The male thought to himself.. What a lovely time spring is. It's a time of memories, and a new beginning for every being, even for a man such as I.

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Konnichiwa, I'm Japan
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