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PostSubject: By the Sea Side   By the Sea Side EmptySeptember 16th 2013, 7:05 pm

((For anyone who wants to come join it. c: It'd probably work best with just two pople,but we can work out something with more.))

Costas frowned as he walked along the beaches of his small island nation, unable to smile as he usually would at the tranquility of the area. No sounds disturbed him, except the crash of the waves which gently rocked around his feet, settling a bit at his ankles as he walked. He was stressed, beyond stressed, to be honest, because he currently felt like the entire weight of the world was collapsing in on him.

Not only was Germany and the rest of the EU hassling him about his debt and his banks, but also, it was nearly time to start negotiations with Turkey again, which never went well, and honestly, he wanted a solution, but he was so tired he just wanted to sleep. How nice it would be, to be a human, with normal hopes and dreams and just...a better life. Not dealing with all the stress as he currently was.

He finally began to climb up the rocky incline a bit, settling himself near the edge of a taller rise, staring down into the water. Things were never easy, but they had certainly been easier, once upon a time, and oh, how he longed to return to that.
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By the Sea Side
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