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 Hej, I'm Marie~

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Lisbeth Kohler

Lisbeth Kohler

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Hej, I'm Marie~ Empty
PostSubject: Hej, I'm Marie~   Hej, I'm Marie~ EmptySeptember 12th 2013, 12:39 am

Country/Province/State/City: Denmark
Human First and Last Name:  Marie Køhler
Appearance: Marie has curly blonde hair, which doesn't stick out in all directions as her male counterparts does. She has the same striking blue eye colour, and is often seen in a red mini dress with a black vest and tie. She wears knee-high heeled boots. She has a necklace with a crown pendant, much similar to the one on the end of her ax. She wears little to no makeup, she hates it with a passion. 

Anything Else? Marie, unlike her male counterpart likes taking charge in things and being a leader rather than a silent-but-loud-helper.

Role-Play Sample: Marie was always an impatient woman, especially when it came to dating... Maybe that explained why all of her ex's left her, they couldn't keep up with her... Ha ha. She could convince that to herself, but she knew different... It was because she was always drinking, and that's just who she was! Why should she have to change that for anyone? Fuck them... She rested her elbow on the table, and sighed softly. She was waiting for her date to get there... They were late... She takes a sip of her coffee, she watched the front door of the cafe, she was about ready to leave when she saw someone walk in.
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Hej, I'm Marie~
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