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 Ottoman Empire in the house!

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Ottoman Empire in the house! Empty
PostSubject: Ottoman Empire in the house!   Ottoman Empire in the house! EmptySeptember 11th 2013, 5:38 pm

OOC: ((Hello! I'm Alex! I turn 16 in December. I'm in the Midwest U.S. of A! The great state of Illinois! I love everything about this fandom, so I'd usually draw (I can't draw him so I just do dragons) and writes some things. I love USUK and any other pairing that includes America, but Turkey is my favorite character! *cough* Squid Sticks *Cough*. I ship anyone with Turkey. I can only speak English, but I'm learning Chinese at the moment. Also I love cats, history, and food!))

Country/Province/State/City: Republic of Turkey

Human First and Last name: Sadiq Adnan

Role-Play Sample:
Sadiq squinted as he glanced around at the barren setting, it wasn't very rare for everything to seem so bland. He'd hoped to refrain from anything of the sort anyhow. The sun was mirrored off his pupils as a glint of light appeared in his eyes. A sort of spark in other words. The kind that he'd have regularly when he referred to himself as the Ottoman Empire, the days in which he ruled the Mediterranean as if he were a king. The power he possessed then was astonishing. Seeing as how Europe trembled at the sight of him. France was merely a kitten compared to the monster he was then.

The Turk gave a confident smirk and continued you on with his day. He might as well enjoy it and welcome all who visited his country. It was a shame, what had happened in Instanbul. "Welcome!" He greeted proudly to his guests.
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Ottoman Empire in the house!
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