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 Ello! I'm England~

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Alice Kirkland

Alice Kirkland

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Ello! I'm England~ Empty
PostSubject: Ello! I'm England~   Ello! I'm England~ EmptySeptember 8th 2013, 6:28 pm

Country/Province/State/City: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Human First and Last Name:  Alice Kirkland
Appearance: Alice, unlike Arthur, has glasses. She no longer has the thick eyebrows, she wears her hair down, or in braids, and slightly. Her hair colour appears to be the same as her males counterpart. Her eyes are green. She's most often in a dress similar to the one worn by Alice, in Alice in Wonderland. ((Therefore totally hates the Wonderland comments made to her by some people)) Other times, she has a plaid skirt on with a white button-up top. She never wears 2 piece bathing suits because she has a tattoo on her right side, closer up to her breast, she's not proud of it, and prefers to hide it.

Anything Else? Okay with most ships other than usuk

Role-Play Sample: (Here you will write a simple sample of your role-playing. IT MUST BE IN CHARACTER.)

She sighed, and read her book. She heard a noise from the kitchen and looked up from her book, being brought back to reality "Bloody colonies..." she mutters, marking her page in the book before closing it and putting it back in the shelf, she stands up, and stretches a little bit. She walks out of the library and heads towards the stairs "I don't know how these colonies can be so loud." she muttered to herself, and quickly skips down the stairs, now heading towards the kitchen "What in the bloody hell is going on in here?!" she demanded, looking at the two colonies, they both dropped what they had been doing and turned to their 'Mother' nation, they both muttered quick answers, making up lies on the spot. Alice sighed "You two... Why are you trying to bake?" she said, forgetting her birthday was tomorrow. They reminded her of this, and she blinked "O-oh..." she smiles "That's so sweet of you two." she walks over and picks the both of them up, hugging them tightly. The two colonies wiped cake batter on her face, being cautious of her glasses. She chuckled softly and shook her head
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Ello! I'm England~
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