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 Um Hello!..Im Maryland~!

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Um Hello!..Im Maryland~! Empty
PostSubject: Um Hello!..Im Maryland~!   Um Hello!..Im Maryland~! EmptySeptember 8th 2013, 2:35 pm

Country/Province/State/City: The state of Maryland
Human First and Last Name: Anna T. Jones
Appearance: Anna Has Long Blond Hair That she usually wears in a bun and she has Blues eyes like America (Hence the nickname: America In miniature). She is usually seen wearing A white lab coat with a green shirt under it and she wears tan pants and red flats When she is not working she is usually in a bissness suit. But when she is at home. She is usually seen in her work clothes.
Gender: Female
Personality: Anna Is A Hard working, Kind Girl. She is Somewhat optimistic but also belives in hard work.Even though Her And Alfred Look simular, She Clames That her and alfred are nothing alike.She Is also A Good Swimmer. She Also Appears To be a good Farmer. She also thinks of herself to be lucky. she is also a fan of Anime and manga and loves to make cosplay.
Friends: D.C., America, England, Canada,
Neutrals: The Other states, The provinces
Enemies: Virgina
History: Maryland was Raised by America and England (Before the Revolution). During that time she was in war with Pennsylvania over where there borders lay. They bother eventualy came to an agreement.She was also one of the first of the states to allow anyone to worship what they want without being mocked. She always grew up in her wealthy home as a child. During the war of 1812, Maryland was highly protected from England.And during the time america gave her and her sister Virgina the responsecibillty of Taking care of D.C. the New capital of the US. After the burning of Washington, she had a hard time looking at D.C. The same way. After the rebulding of D.C. she started to get more protective over her sibling. During the Civil war times, she was a border state that was Mostly with the union, even though there were some who joined the confederacy, After Virgina betrayed Her and D.C. Anna was forced to protect her sister. After the war she began to Work and cotinues taking care of D.C. Until the events of the great Baltimore fire. During world war 1,Many Military bases were set up in her state.And during WW2 she was busy making Things for the war.Recently she has been working more for her Family.

Role-Play Sample: Anna decided to take off of work for an important matter. Con matters, Of course and she was at home working on extras for her coustume that she was wearing to a con that she was going to tomarrow. She looked really messy then she usually appeard and then there was a knock at her appartment door. Anna sat her items down and answers the door with a cheerful smile. "Hello!.." she said.
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Um Hello!..Im Maryland~!
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