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 I Hope To See You Again!

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I Hope To See You Again! Empty
PostSubject: I Hope To See You Again!   I Hope To See You Again! EmptySeptember 7th 2013, 6:03 pm

Country:Teraland(an island)
Human Name:Jayden Emerson
Appearance:Short, dark brown hair, blue gray eyes, 5'3" tall, skinny and flat chested, has a weird curl that ends in a 3 shape on the right side of her head, her normal outfit is a long sleeved teal shirt and blue jeans along with combat boots.
Personality:Quirky and bubbly usually. Easily scared though, and if you scare her she'll start speaking her native language until she calms down. If she gets angry she will remain silent and and stoic until she gets revenge. And she is actually quite scary like this, but she doesn't get angry easily. She's oblivious to the mood of things, but she is a great comfort when you need her.
Friends:The Kirklands, the Nordics, and Lithuania.
Neutral:She's on good terms with everyone except the countries below-
Enemies:Russia, China, and Austria.
History:For the first couple of centuries Teraland remained the largest island in the seas between Sweden and Finland. She lived alone and grew up wild in the forest that takes up most of her country. There is only about 20,000 civilians on the entire island, a third of the population makes up the military. Over the course of 500 years, Teraland has been taken over four times by the following countries in order:Russia, China, Russia again, and Austria. She's free right now. She has an extremely mixed culture and has been ruled by a monarchy since 1648. The royal line is still pure so the same family has ruled since then. She has only recently(In the past 200 years) started attending World Meetings. Teraland is a country that works strangely, as example the island cannot be charted on a map. This is because it is not attached to the sea floor and floats around freely. Strange and ancient magic keeps it afloat and moving around the seven seas.
Fun Facts:If she concentrates hard enough, Jayden can control where the island travels next. She usually keeps it drifting around the west coast of Europe and the east coast of North America. She can cook really well and enjoys long walks ANYWHERE. She works at the World Cafe in France(Don't ask why it's in France, please)
Role-Play Sample:Jayden rushed around the cafe, cleaning up after the last customers of the day. Afterwards, she closed shop and headed home. Taking a detour through the woods, she started chanting. "Kalazam, Xroxia, Pondinious, Lomosiome, open the portal and let me go home!" A bright green portal opened and she stepped through, returning to her island home Teraland. She would be here awhile, and thought of all the countries she had befriended. 'I hope to see them again.' She thought as she began the long period of pure isolation from the rest of the world.
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I Hope To See You Again!
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