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 Hello everyone~ Oliver here.

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Oliver Kirkland
Oliver Kirkland

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Hello everyone~ Oliver here. Empty
PostSubject: Hello everyone~ Oliver here.   Hello everyone~ Oliver here. EmptySeptember 6th 2013, 6:43 pm

Hello everyone~ Oliver here. M7xgde

Country/Province/State/City:  England (2P)
Human First and Last Name: Oliver Kirkland (used to be Arthur but it changed to avoid confusion)


A good cook
Very friendly and loves giving hugs.
hates swearing
hates drinking
very difficult to anger.
is an angry drunk
tries his best to get along with everyone.

Role-Play Sample:
The blonde hummed as he dusted his numerous knickknacks as he waited for his cupcakes to cool off before frosting. The Brit giggled and pulled his duster away as he tilted his head to examine the statue for a moment before he turned on his heel and fixed his tie after putting his duster under his arm. He smiled and put the duster away in the closet before he went back into the kitchen to check on his cupcakes he decided to make that day.

(so sorry it's so short!)

Hello everyone~ Oliver here. Oli10

My name is Oliver, though not by choice. I fill and make many cupcakes in my wake.
though some are not as they seem, what are hidden deep in the cream
Some will harm you right away, By glass that i managed to make stay.
Some will take time to slowly make you shake, By some cupcakes are poisoned and baked.
Some may keep you safe from harm, other's will have spells and charms.
So you see i'm not always one to harm my enemies with tricks and secrets.
sometimes i can be quite, Deceiving.
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Hello everyone~ Oliver here.
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