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Li Xiao Wang

Li Xiao Wang

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PostSubject: Lei Hao there!   Lei Hao there! EmptySeptember 6th 2013, 10:35 am

Out-Of-Character: (( Hello there. I am a socially incompetent teenaged girl from Norway; I have two different versions of my name due to nationality/language differences - but please just call me Karol or Nor. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and playing the piano [if that counts]. Role-playing is a side project that I do in my free time, and unfortunately I'm just far too busy on the weekdays to do it. However I am always free on the weekends. I don't really mind who I ship Hong Kong with, honestly but I love me some HongIce. Note that I prefer to role-play in the past tense, but present works for me as well. ))

Country/Province/State/City: Hong Kong
Human First and Last name: Li Xiao Wang (or Leon as opposed to Li for the more 'western' version)

Role-play Sample: For the longest time, the teenaged Asian boy had been attempting to master this particularily difficult manipulation of his limbs; it looked tricky and fickle and hardly something for one with no practice. Perfect for Li.
His joints ached and even emitted a snap of protest as he calmly lifted up his leg and flexed the slender limb, rolling it around cautiously so that it fit as snugly as it could in its socket. Although having moved all of the furniture out of the way for the time being, Li was still limited in the subject of room as he'd decided to practise in the sitting area.
'Of all places!' He could vaguely hear Yao's voice whine.
Yet the Chinese man's protest would fall on deaf ears, as the only thing Li cared about just at that moment was to master this exotic new movement of his limbs.
Flexing nimble fingers and cracking his neck determindly, Li shrugged his shoulders and took on a stance with his legs spread and seperated - the left foot reaching out and the right foot holding back. He then carefully raised his arms, spread his fingers, and with a hiccup-like sound from his throat he allowed himself to fall forward and land on the palms of his hands.

As soon as his hands came into any remote contact with the floor, Li jerked his hips back and thrust his legs into the air, gasping and shaking with effort as he now balanced the entire weight of his body on his hands. He could only remain in that position for a few more seconds before once again allowing himself to fall forward and bend the muscles in his legs, his back, his chest...
He huffed as found himself on his feet once again, his hair a wild mess and his pale cheeks darkened with the effort. Allowing himself to rest for only a few moments more, Li tried to do this move again; this time he was much faster and less hesitant about it. After several more tries, and a loud yelp of pain, his movements were a lot more fluid than they had been in the beginning. He figured that soon enough, with plenty of practice, he could be walking to his school in such a manner.
If he didn't keel over and land on his rear from the weight of his heavy backpack, that is.
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Lei Hao there!
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