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 Hola, espana aki!

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Hola, espana aki! Empty
PostSubject: Hola, espana aki!   Hola, espana aki! EmptySeptember 1st 2013, 9:27 pm

(am i putting this in the right place?)

Out-Of-Character:(where do I start? my name is ash,and,well, unlike everyone else, i do not usually capitalize much when talking OOC, it's just a typing quirk of mine. I'm pretty laid-back actually; i practically ship everything. i got into hetalia about ...wow, two years ago maybe? but i can say that i won't disappoint you with how indulged i am with it/our roleplay. i'm excited to roleplay with everybody, cause this is the first time i've been in a group like this in a more permanent setting than chatzys... as for my age? i'm 13, probably the youngest on here. i play guitar -electric is my main, nylon strings bother me!- and i can say it's one of my hobbies (other than hetalia, which is a big one). well, thats about it, i'm very glad to meet you all! ^^ )

Country/Province/State/City: Spain
Human First and Last Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Role-Play Sample: (oh god here i go) The spaniard leaned back on the bench he had parked himself on, right in the middle of a park. It was quiet, but still bustling; he wished he had brought his guitar. Despite this, a pleasant smile remained on his face. Just, the breeze, the sun, it was all wonderful. He almost fell asleep thinking about all these things--Antonio could use a good nap. Stretching, he gazed up at the sky. So, so pretty.
He never noticed how peaceful it was without Lovi around. As much as he enjoyed his time with the dear Italian, this was remarkably more...nice? comfortable? Before he could conclude such thoughts, a cloud caught his eye. It looked like an elephant. Haha. Hilarious.
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Hola, espana aki!
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