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 Greetings from Austria

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Roderich Edelstein

Roderich Edelstein

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Greetings from Austria Empty
PostSubject: Greetings from Austria   Greetings from Austria EmptySeptember 1st 2013, 2:37 pm

Out-Of-Character: (( Hello there. I am a socially incompetent teenaged girl from Norway; I have two different versions of my name due to nationality/language differences - but please just call me Karol or Nor. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and playing the piano [if that counts]. Role-playing is a side project that I do in my free time, and unfortunately I'm just far too busy on the weekdays to do it. However I am always free on the weekends. My ships for this particular muse include PruAus, GerAus, SpAus, and AusIta. I dislike AusHun, but I might work with it under certain circumstances. Note that I prefer to role-play in the past tense, but present works for me as well. ))

Country/Province/State/City: Österreich [Austria]
Human First and Last name: Roderich Edelstein

Role-play Sample: A hiss stole away the breath of a pair of startled lips, as the thin point of a golden needle viciously pierced through soft skin. This was the third time an incident of similar nature had occurred in under an hour - as the tiny, swollen clots on the tip of Roderich's finger could attest to. Reproaching the event with an agitated clenching of his jaw, the Austrian man quickly pushed the expensive material to the side as a thin drop of clean red blood trickled down his delicate finger, the bright shade contradicting with the paleness of his somewhat disturbingly white skin. The gold needle was hastily disposed of, pressed into a thick ball of cotton while it innocently caught the low light pooling around the table. Roderich flexed his bleeding extremities and gingerly closed the small puncture with a tissue from a box conveniently placed near him. The repair of his white shirt would have to wait until later - with the soft, hazy glow of the lanterns around him and the warmth reflecting from the heaters, working in this atmosphere would probably result in several nasty cuts. Perhaps tomorrow, when his head was clearer and the room was more alive, he would try again.
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Greetings from Austria
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