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 Guten tag. I am the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig Beilschmidt

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Guten tag. I am the Federal Republic of Germany. Empty
PostSubject: Guten tag. I am the Federal Republic of Germany.   Guten tag. I am the Federal Republic of Germany. EmptySeptember 1st 2013, 1:30 pm

Out-Of-Character:((Good morning, afternoon or evening to all. I am Beth, a roleplayer from England. I warn you now; the quality of my writings may be poor. I am working on improving my literature, and hopefully I will be able to contribute to an enjoyable roleplaying experience. My apologies if I seem to be quiet at times, I will typically be anxious when it comes to introducing myself into roleplays or things of the like. I am rather fanatical when it comes to Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek and many anime, and as such am a pest on social media websites when new episodes are released. Now, ships. I'm not huge on putting the characters I roleplay into most ships, but there are one or two I'd happily work with, my favourite being GerAus. I'm not a fan of GerIta, my apologies if anyone is.))

Country/Province/State/City: Germany, Federal Republic of.
Human First and Last Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt. ((A surname, as far as I know, is not chosen in canon. This is the one a majority go with.))

Role-Play Sample: Walks at dusk were something he adored, and as such he took them as frequently as his often hectic schedule would allow. On occasion he would bring one, two, or maybe all three of his beloved dogs, although that depended on whether he felt he needed any company but the sound of his footsteps on the walkways. The sinking sun provided a suitable backdrop for these walks, the rays of light barely managing to fall through the branches of the trees in the dappled patterns that they usually took. This evening was one of the evenings Ludwig had managed to steal away for himself. No work to complete, no siblings to annoy him. One of his dogs, Aster, a well built German Shepard, strolled by his side with no cares. Ludwig took his time walking, pace slow and lazy compared to his usual. A messenger bag sat on the German's shoulder, containing a weathered, leather-spined book that he would later sit down under a tree with to read.
Ah, yes. These oppurtunities to relax were what made the chaos of home and work bearable.
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Guten tag. I am the Federal Republic of Germany.
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