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Kasem Chao

Kasem Chao

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สวัสดีมีความสุขที่นี่! Swasdi ana~! Happy to be here! Empty
PostSubject: สวัสดีมีความสุขที่นี่! Swasdi ana~! Happy to be here!   สวัสดีมีความสุขที่นี่! Swasdi ana~! Happy to be here! EmptyAugust 31st 2013, 8:51 pm

Out-Of-Character: )( Hi my name is Melvin but you can call me Thai ^.^ *group gasp* "What a male roleplayer?  NO!" haha yes! While I know male Hetalia fans are rare....uhh actually there has been a boom of male Hetalians so I'm not the only one anymore. Anyway, I started roleplaying when my friend got me into Hetalia two and a half years ago. At first i didn't like the roleplaying because all anyone did on my first site was roleplay Lemon yaoi non stop. But since then I've not only learned to separate the fandom from the actual show, but to enjoy yaoi as well. More so then than now. Thailand was my first Rp character and I try to roleplay him on every site I go on. But I also Rp as, Turkey, South Korea, Finland and my OC Quebec. Another note. I've been tole I roleplay Yaoi like a boss but i'd like some hetero experience also.

Now onto how I Rp Thailand. I like to Roleplay him as a happy,clueless and bubbly person. He's always willing to help someone, even if it hurts them to s certain degree. He wont notice anyway. Speaking of pain. I do roleplay him as a sadist. In Thailand their massages hurt so I drag them out make them extreme and borderline deadly XD No I will not show you an example! you'll have to wait until someone asks for one XD.

Now to explain the pairings I like with him. I tend to multiship. Its fun XD but i ship ThailandXVietnam, ThailandXRomano and my OTP ThailandXRussia. "What? Thailand and Russia? What would make you ship that?!" haha and I shall tell you! I pissed off a Russia in a chatbox rp (thai went into sadist mode) so that led me to research Thailand and Russia past relations. Russia saved Thailand's ass from being concurred and divided by England and France. His boss and Russia's boss took a picture together showing that they were friends. The pic went viral (lol viral) and England and France stopped. Thailand and Russia's bosses visited each other a lot and even showed up in each other's clothes. There is a cute ThaiXRus Comic on Deviant. Anyway I think I've typed enough for now If you have anymore questions just ask. I like to think I'm a nice guy)(

Country/Province/State/City:The Land of Smiles Himself Thailand
Human First and Last Name: Kasem Chao

Role-Play Sample(s): Thailand ordered ordered the papers in his hand and laid them down in a stack in front of one of the many comfortable rolling chairs around the large, round wooden table. He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he stood back and looked at the table. Every spot that had a seat also had a neat stack of forms pertaining to the meeting. Thailand had been working since early in the morning to prepare the meeting. Anytime another country came to his country he made sure to treat them with respect and tend to their needs, and this meeting was no different, if anything it was much more complicated than just one country visiting. Here all countries that aren't too preoccupied with their own matters would join together to discus the issues as well as the good things in the world, so Thailand needed to work even harder. The royal guards were at the entrance to the room waiting to let people in as well as escort them out if needed. World meetings did tend to get a bit hectic and Thailand didn't want any bloodshed like the Asian meetings. The royal maids stood in the kitchen waiting to take the orders of the countries. Everything was complete so Thailand opened the blinds allowing the sunlight to shine through the window and light the room. It was still the summer season so he made sure to turn the Air Conditioning on as well. Bangkok is one of the hottest cities in the world so it was very nesiciary. "Ana~ I hope the others arrive soon. Actually they tend to cause much chaos when all of us are together so I am not too sure this will be all too fun." One of the guards game him a reassuring smile and Thailand returned it. "hmmm I guess this will not be too bad." Thailand sat in the chair at the head of the table and waited for the other countries.
((kk so i think this one shows my ability of a roleplayer ^.^ now heres one on how dark i can get with this chararacter say if her were to snap from his happy demeanor))

Thailand clutched his chest as he walked through the countryside. With each shallow step the pain grew worse. He wasn't only hurt physically,but also emotionally. The only thing that seemed to ease his pain was the cool raindrops that fell from the grey cloudy sky. He fell to his knees when he couldn't walk any longer and looked up at the sky. The large drops of water pelted his face just as the events of the day had pelted his soul. His elephant came from begind him; eyes filled with concern, and made soft noises. Thailand ignored this and kept his face toward the sky. "what's the point ana~? whats the point of trying to make people happy when all they want to do is figjt and make breaks in bonds ana~" Thailand thought back to the ASEAN meeting that had occured earlier that day. There had been nothing but srtong words said and bloodshead.

China had tried to claim Taiwan and Japan of course intervened. The chinese man had grown tired of the man getting in the way of land that was rightfully his and pushed the man out of the way. Japan was thrown up against the wall and China went to grab a frightned Taiwan. Thailand being the host tried to stop the argument. He didnt notice China had his sword drawn and in a rage. China stabed him in the back and through his chest. Thailand in pain ended the meeting and ignored the constant apologies of China. Thats how he got here, kneeling in a wet field clutching his chest. Thailand frowned as a mixture of rain and tears fell down his face. "no matter how hard i try, all anyone wantd to do is argue and fight ana~ even at the world summit meetings someone ends up getting hurt ana."

A yellow aura began to form around thailand. He felt the emotion of anger mixed with psyco sadness fill him. He saw a squierl run past him and grabed it by the neck. He forced it on his back with one hand and attacked its pressure points with another so it couldn't move. The squierl lay there paralyzed ss thai drew his sword. He chuckled a bit evily "since all they want to do is kill and depress. Why not give them all death and depression!?" He laughed psychotically and began to cut the squierll up peice by peace. He first cut off the head and watched in happines as the blood began to spew out. Then he sliced off the arms and the legs then the best part the tail. He watched as the small torso made a puddle of blood quickly being washed away by the rain. Toto had hidden his face in his small stubby arms when he saw his master like this. Lightning began to strike and Thailand began to laugh. The pain from his wound had dissapeared completly dispersed by the madness. Thai stood up and began walking dragging his sword aganst the ground. " toto come ana~! we have friends to see no?" the elephant nervously ran after the man and stayed close to him. Thailand walked until he came to a hill. The rain had made it muddy. He saw a silouette of a person he climbed the hill,making his clothes muddy in the process. He got to the top and saw who was there. He put on a grin that looked nice at first glance and spoke. " hello ana~ are you lost?"
(( hmmmm yea these are roleplays i've alreadfy written if you need me to do one fresh and new please notify me))
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สวัสดีมีความสุขที่นี่! Swasdi ana~! Happy to be here!
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