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 Tere, this is Estonia!

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Eduard Von Bock

Eduard Von Bock

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Tere, this is Estonia! Empty
PostSubject: Tere, this is Estonia!   Tere, this is Estonia! EmptyAugust 30th 2013, 3:51 pm

Out-Of-Character: (( Hello! My name is Amanda and I live in the US (I'm not going to say which state - I hope that's alright!). I'm 15, and I play the flute and bass. I got into Hetalia about two years ago from my friends, and then I moved away from them and lost interest in it. Thankfully, my other friend got into it about three months ago, and now I love it again! I can find a way to like almost every ship (though not incest), but I'd have to say the ones I like the most are PruHun, PruAus, AusHun, SpaBel, RomHun, and SuFin. Wow Hungary's in there a lot...oops. ^^; I guess you could say my otp is The Frying Pangle + Romania? This is the first time I've really been in a role-play group, and I'm really excited to talk to you guys! ) )

Country/Province/State/City: Estonia

Human name: Eduard Von Bock

Role-play Sample: The dirty-blonde slid his rectangular glasses up the bridge of his nose with the pad of his pointer-finger. Previously, he'd been hastily mashing his laptop keyboard to create paragraph after paragraph in an email to his dear friend, Finland. When he had risen from slumber that morning, Estonia developed a new idea for a festival that was a "stroke of genius", or so he believed. 
The young man relaxed in the chair, letting his back mush into the cushion, before scanning over what he'd written so far. His thumb rested on his cheek while his pointer-finger laid itself along his jawline, creating an "L" shape, and his other fingers curled up under his jaw to support his chin. Eduard used his other hand to scroll down the massive wall of text. Satisfied with what he'd constructed, both of his hands found their familiar place on the smooth, slightly cool keys of the laptop. After typing his name to seal the digital letter, he clicked the "send" button. 
"I just know he'll be as excited for this idea as I am," Eduard said, exhaling contently and smiling. "And he'll have good ideas to add too, I'm sure."
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Tere, this is Estonia!
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