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 Hej! Denmark here!

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Mathias Køhler
King Dadmark
Mathias Køhler

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Hej! Denmark here! Empty
PostSubject: Hej! Denmark here!   Hej! Denmark here! EmptyAugust 30th 2013, 3:21 pm

Out-Of-Character: ((Hey there! My name's Britt, and I live in the UK. I'm a pretty laid back kind of person, but I'm terribly shy around strangers and talking with people, so I'm sorry if I come off as a quiet person or don't post as much as some others. I hope I can show a different side in my roleplaying! I've been roleplaying for about a year now, and I've been a fan of Hetalia for even longer. I'm not particularly fussy with ships, but I prefer avoiding all incest. My favourite ship is DenNor (In fact, I'm a big Nordic fan overall and like most of the pairings between them), but I also love PruHun, SuFin, NedSpa and RoChu an awful lot as well, plus many others. I can't wait to meet you all c': ))

Country/Province/State/City: Denmark
Human First and Last Name: Matthias Kohler (Alternatively spelt Køhler)

Role-Play Sample:Making a grab for his briefcase, Matthias let out a heavy sigh of relief, thankful that the meeting was finally over after what seemed hours of simply sitting around doing nothing productive. His back ached from his hunched position over the table and he was deprived of sleep, but at last, he was free to do as he pleased, away from the bickering nations that never ceased to find something to argue over. Now, he admitted that he was fond of picking fights and teasing the other nations, but he found no pleasure in standing by and watching other people disagree with one another. More often than not, meetings were more a task than a solution to Matthias. But now he was going home, and that was the only thought he mused on. The elevator chimed, signalling the opening doors, and the Dane stepped inside of the cubicle, grinning widely to himself as he neared the ground floor, one step closer to that comfortable 5-star hotel bed waiting for him on the opposite side of town.
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Hej! Denmark here!
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