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 H-hello, salute.. (Who are you?) I-I'm Canada..

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Matthew Williams
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Matthew Williams

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H-hello, salute.. (Who are you?) I-I'm Canada.. Empty
PostSubject: H-hello, salute.. (Who are you?) I-I'm Canada..   H-hello, salute.. (Who are you?) I-I'm Canada.. EmptyAugust 30th 2013, 2:42 am

Out-Of-Character: (( Hello there! I'm Jan! :3 It's very nice to be part of a rp forum! I used to be in one for some other anime, but it died.. Anyway, let me say a bit about myself! I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, though I plan on moving to Newfoundland or Boston for school in a couple years. I want to take a music course of some sort, because that's what I love! I playa few diferent instruments in several bands, but my main love is the flute (: I've been in the Hetalia fandom for about a year now, and I still absolutely love it. I have a blog that's completely dedicated to it, and I almost have 1000 followers, woahhh. I ship pretty much everything. like, EVERYTHING. It's pretty insane. I sometimes make roleplay starters for Omegle and have it like a mix-and-match between the FACE family, omg. I also really like Giripan, PruCan, SpAus (they're too cute omg) Prumano, Gerpan, JapanxTaiwan, and soooo many more. Anyway, that's practically my life right there. It's nice to have (sorta?) met you! ))

Country/Province/State/City: Canada
Human First and Last Name: Matthew Williams

Role-Play Sample: It was another normal day containing a normal meeting. Germany was raging about how unorganized everything was, France and England were bickering about god knows what, and America stepped into the unnecessary conversation like usual.. Matthew, here known as “Canada”, sighed, wondering to himself why his boss makes him even come to these pointless meetings. He scanned the area with his violet-blue eyes, thinking admirable things about each body in the room, taking mental notes of each. He was a wallflower, and there was nothing he could do to help it, although the trait sure did have it’s bonuses. He could think about anything he wanted, state whatever opinion he wanted, he could probably get up and leave for maple’s sakes, and nobody would care, or even notice. It was a nice thing to get used to.
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H-hello, salute.. (Who are you?) I-I'm Canada..
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