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 Yo! Its you're favorite Superhero!!!

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Yo! Its you're favorite Superhero!!! Empty
PostSubject: Yo! Its you're favorite Superhero!!!   Yo! Its you're favorite Superhero!!! EmptyAugust 29th 2013, 4:00 pm

Out-Of-Character:(Name's skye but you may call me alfie~ USUK is perfered but to be honest I enjoy every pairing Very Happy Please if you wish to RP as a OC, They are amazing!! but please dont RP as one of the states with me. Alfred's 19 he cant have 50 some odd children calling him daddy! Because he's still a child to begin with!! Other than that I hope to RP with you :3

Country/Province/State/City:The United States of America, America, U.S.A.
Human First and Last Name: Alfred Freedom Jones

Role-Play Sample: The young American hit the alarm clock tiredly and yawned, as he streched out of bed. Dressed in his superman boxers he quickly put his glasses on. He wondered to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for himself. His house overlooked the skyline of New York City. He smiled out to his beautiful country. "From a small English colony to a revolutionized world power" he thought to himself sipping his coffee. Never did he think he'd be this successful. America~ land of the free and home of the brave.
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Yo! Its you're favorite Superhero!!!
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