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 Daddy wait up! Oh wait... I need to do this... Hei! I'm Atticus, but call me Atti.

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Atticus Bondevik

Atticus Bondevik

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Daddy wait up! Oh wait... I need to do this... Hei! I'm Atticus, but call me Atti. Empty
PostSubject: Daddy wait up! Oh wait... I need to do this... Hei! I'm Atticus, but call me Atti.   Daddy wait up! Oh wait... I need to do this... Hei! I'm Atticus, but call me Atti. EmptyMarch 16th 2014, 3:27 am

Name: Atticus Bondevik. But just call him Atti. Everyone does.

Country/City/State etc.: 2p!Olso

Age: Chatbox: 5-7. Actual rps: 19-20

Appearance: Looks a lot like his daddy. Has a natural tanned skin, darkish brown/alburn hair, Pinkish Red colored eyes. Usually wearing a green jacket, even if he isn't cold because he wants to be like daddy.

Description: One of Aleksander and Heather Bondevik's many children. He is the younger brother of Kristof Bondevik. Atti's magic is Voodoo. He had voodoo dolls, he does curses, makes potions, voodoo prayers and rituals, card and palm readings. He's a seriously, hardcore Daddy's boy. Following his dad is a pass time of his that and working on moving in shadows without being seen, he likes to see if he can surprise his dad. He is usually very happy and loves to laugh and play with dolls. His favorite thing ever is when Daddy will play dollies with him. He can sleep anywhere and can sleep for a very a long if you'll leave him alone. Hes pretty go about keeping his temper in check, there are only a few things that really make him angry. 1. Never, ever insult his family in front of him because he will hurt you. 2. DO NOT TOUCH THE DOLLS! (unless he gives you permission). 3. DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE SPIRITS! 4. DO NOT TOUCH THE CURL! (Although this is a learned behavior from watching his father's reactions to people when they threaten to pull his curl, he takes i seriously. Pulling on his curl actually tickles him, so he'll laugh but he will be very upset if you aren't family or a close friend.)

Rp Sample: They were fighting again. I could hear them from my room in the castle. It was a stupid argument I was sure about that, I doubted they were really even mad about the thing they were arguing about, it was more likely that they were actually both just stressed and needed to relieve some tension.  They were doing it the wrong way though... I knew I could help them though.

I got up out of bed and walked over to the display cases I kept my dolls of Momma and Daddy in, removing the key from my neck I unlocked them and retrieved the dolls. I didn't keep these dolls as voodoo dolls, I've only used them that way a few times, they were my favorites and I played with them all the time and would sometimes hold them when I slept. I have to do the spell again. I was happy that I'd already added personal items to the dolls. I laid the dolls on the desk in my room and stared my spell, quickly chanting the spell I'd used a million times in my short life already.

I was done turning the dolls back into voodoo dolls and a minute too soon, I was sure on of them would storm away or Momma would start freezing things around her as she lost her temper. You know the saddest thing about these arguments is that Momma didn't yell during them, so it sounded like a one sided argument. I shook the thoughts from my head and concentrated on my dolls, these two took so much more energy and concentration to manipulate, likely because they were so stubborn. I moved Daddy closer to Momma and the argument stopped they were likely confused about what was going on. Having them stare into the others eyes a few moments I moved Momma to stand on her tiptoes and Daddy to lean down and kiss her. I knew Momma was done fighting now, but Daddy maybe not so much.

"Atti!" I heard him call me name and I knew he'd come looking, but I wasn't coming out of my room. He turned from her to walk down the hall, when she grabbed his arm and looked up at him a blush making her green eyes stand out. I watched on from my crystal ball to see what would happen, I hadn't anticipated this... They were free of my spell and acting independently... They were very stubborn.  He hated the grabbing but that face she made, seemed to make up for most of it then she spoke "Vær så snill, vær så snill... Ikke la meg.... "

I smiled to myself because I knew the argument was over...

(("Vær så snill, vær så snill... Ikke la meg...."  means "Please, Please... Don't leave me..." well technically it literally means "Please, Please.... Do not leave me..." But still.))
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Daddy wait up! Oh wait... I need to do this... Hei! I'm Atticus, but call me Atti.
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