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 Ni Hao! China here!~

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Yao Wang

Yao Wang

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Ni Hao!  China here!~ Empty
PostSubject: Ni Hao! China here!~   Ni Hao!  China here!~ EmptyFebruary 23rd 2014, 4:46 pm

Out-Of-Character:  ((Hello, just Qui/Feliks here, so I believe that most of my OOC info can be found on Feliks' page.  But, one thing that I will say is that I am a big shipper of NiChu as a brother relationship ONLY.  Just saying~))

Country/Province/State/City:  The People's Republic of China
Human First and Last Name:  Yao Wang

Role-Play Sample:  Standing with his back against a burning wall, red hot flames burning his back through his green military uniform, the Chinese man grips his wok tightly as he raises the weapon to block the oncoming sword from slicing off his head.  "You're not going to kill me that easily aru.  No matter how exhausted I am,"  The figure he is battling just grins widely, showing two rows of pearly white teeth, before kicking out and hooking one foot around Yao's right leg and leaping back, bringing the man to the ground.  "Aiyaaa!" Yao exclaims in shock and pain as he hits the ground.  "No, my wok aru!"  Yao watches with fear in his amber eyes as his wok skids away from him across the burning floor.  As he reaches out for his wok a heavy boot comes down hard on his wrist, snapping it clean in two.  "Aiyaa!  What do you think you'r-" Yao starts to yell, twisting his free arm and legs around to try and flip his attacker, when the shadowy figure swings his sword down and through Yao's neck in a spray of bright red blood.
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Ni Hao! China here!~
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