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 What...what is this?

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Kristof Bondevik

Kristof Bondevik

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What...what is this?  Empty
PostSubject: What...what is this?    What...what is this?  EmptyFebruary 23rd 2014, 11:52 am

Country/Province/State/City: Åsgårdstrand ((old city from Norway that doesn't exist anymore, look it up on Wikipedia if you want))
Human First and Last Name: Kristof Bondevik
Appearance: tall, semi long hair (he's a very misplaced viking), kinda tan like Aleksander is with the same red eyes though a little darker, his hair is a very light brown almost blond
Gender: male
Personality: Kristof is a normally quiet viking, unless he's killing then there is no quiet to him. But he is Aleks' son, the only other child that was able to survive for long enough to grow during the viking ages. He's quite a bit like his mother and father in the sense that he is highyly stubborn and will not take no for an answer until he figures it out for himself. Normally his hair is pulled back or braided and pulled back, he doesn't like it getting in the way so tying it back and braiding it helps that. He has magic, but his magic is different from both parents magic, he is a necromancer. Even though he is merely a kid he is deadly and can fight with the best of them. A few scratches mean nothing to the kid because he has a scar under his left eye from a fight he got in during a raid with his father and allowed it to scar, though it hasn't faded and might never he is proud that he has it and is proud he was with his dad when it happened despite being told no and to stay home several times before leaving.By being from the viking age, Kristof is able to fluently speak the old norse that was around in those times and can easily carry on a conversation without you knowing its about you with anyone who can also speak the language.
Friends: Erikur (2p Iceland), Lukas (Norway), Aleks (2p Norway), sometimes Emil (Iceland)
Neutrals: anyone he hasn't dealt with
Enemies: anyone whos made him mad

History: he is 2P Norways son, he is the only one who lived to 12 before catching a cold and getting horribly sick, he doesn't know a lot about todays technology or how things work

Fun Facts: he's not a very fun person...

Role-Play Sample: Kirstof sighed and stood up after stretching with a rather large yawn, he'd fallen asleep again while he was out hunting and the fire at his feet was almsot dead...the skinned rabbits still in the leather bag he had chosen to take along, all ten arrows in their quiver and bow nearby, his favorite knife also still strapped to his belt should he run into any trouble at close quarters. He got up, stamping out the fire and dusting off his pants before picking up his things again and continuign the hunt. He wasn't far from town but there was plenty in the woods around town that he could hunt for everyone in the house and his own family. Kristof was after a deer he had managed to shoot in the shoulder with a few arrows, he'd been following the blood trail for a while and figured that sooner or later the deer would be found dead and he could retrive the arrows and meat from the animal and save the pelt to sell or use for trade. Pulling his hair from his pony tail, Kristof shook it out and pulled it back again, running his fingers through it several times before securing it.
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What...what is this?
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