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 Greetings, London here.

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Rosalie Kirkland

Rosalie Kirkland

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Greetings, London here. Empty
PostSubject: Greetings, London here.   Greetings, London here. EmptyDecember 21st 2013, 4:20 pm

Country/Province/State/City: London, England

Human First and Last Name: Rosalie 'Rose' Kirkland


Rose has long, platinum blonde hair that nearly reaches her knees and is always arranged in various different hairstyles each day. Her eyes are a mix of dark mint green and sea green, appearing to switch hues from light to dark depending on the lighting. Rose is slender and petite in figure, resembling a porcelain doll at the height of 5'5 and seems to be at the age appearance of 18. Strangely enough, she is perfectly capable of fighting when a situation needs it, with her graceful agility and cat-like reflexes. Most of the time she is seen wearing beautiful, mostly Victorian-era styled, dresses with matching knee-high boots or pin heels. Though if she needed an alternative, she will wear a blouse, skinny jeans, a double-breasted black slim jacket and simple boots.


Gender: Female


When you first meet her, Rose is very mature and polite. She doesn't get angered easily, and is mainly seen drinking tea, reading a book or tucked away in a corner quietly listening to her music. To most people she doesn't know she's extremely shy and reserved, but always willing to listen and talk if someone needs it. She acts with the grace and poise, and has a formal speech pattern. But eventually as someone gets to know her better they find out that she can open up to be a very sweet and charming girl who loves to make everyone smile. Though, a few traits she received from her father (England) was her bluntly honest attitude and extremely stubborn streak, which leads to her being considered by a few of her family members to be like a mini-version of her father. 
She is especially loyal and protective over her family and seen most of the time with them. Rose also seems to be quite the smart-aleck, having an answer to nearly everyone's questions and concerns. And although she always tries to seem lady-like and all, in all truth she can't deny the fact that tends to have a few tomboyish mannerisms. She's a little bit - if not a lot - competitive when it comes to various things, such as sports, and will usually try to get the last word due to her stubborn attitude.
Rose is very noble and prideful, and will always be there to help others in need of her aid. Though unknown to most people, she is also a rather spoiled child, and therefore is rather intimidating when she doesn't get her way - although she calls it 'showing who's superior' which stems from her perfectionist attitude in everything she does - refusing to show any of her weaknesses in front of anyone other than her family.

Friends: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland, Australia

Neutrals: America, Canada, France, Hong Kong, India

Enemies: None


Rose was born around 43 AD when Londinium (Roman London) was founded and built by the Romans. During that time she was raised by the Roman Empire and had briefly lived in his house, gaining the name 'Carolinus' due to not having any other name. Although soon after her city began getting bigger and more successful, she was sent back to her city and was eventually found by England, who she later came to realise as her father. Having realised it as well, he took her in and gave her the name 'Rosalie' due to their mutual interest for flowers and especially her namesake - roses. For a while the two were perfectly fine - save for a few invasions and wars, but they stayed together.

As time progressed forward and England became even more involved in fighting, Rose decided that she wouldn't just sit around in their house all day, waiting for him to come back. So she visited her uncles, asking them to teach her how to properly fight and defend herself. The training luckily payed off and soon, Rose was participating in wars - though not in the front lines, was one of the strategists that planned out their attacks.

During the Pirate Era she had also traveled around with England and his crew, and that was when she received her tomboyish mannerisms. Back then she continued to play a crucial part as the strategist and plan-maker, though took some time to learn how to fight with a sword and a gun.

Currently in modern times, Rose is one of two Alpha++ ranked global cities in the world and is almost always immersed with paperwork concerning her city's business, though will take breaks from time to time and do other things.

Fun Facts: 

1) Taking after England, Rose spent many decades and centuries learning magic as a young child. She always did her best to follow in his footsteps - learning magic, reading books, believing in fairies, everything. In the past she idolized England as her not only her father, but role model as well. Rose is highly skilled in magic, but takes pride in her offensive magic the most. A surefire way to tell when she's casting a spell is when her eyes glow neon green.

2) Unlike her father, she's actually a pretty good cook. She got some cooking lessons when she was younger, and has been cooking her own (and sometimes the family's) meals for decades.

3) Normally, Rose has a formal English accent, due to her being the Capital of England. She also does have a more casual Londoner's accent, but only prefers to speak like that around those she's comfortable with. But since she's also the Capital of the United Kingdom, she also has a Scottish, Welsh and Irish accent. She barely uses them, but tends to speak in them when she's bored.

4) She takes her duty as a Capital of not only England, but the United Kingdom, rather seriously. Rose took her time learning some of the more minor languages - which was Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish. She also knows Norman French, because she sometimes has to attend certain official meetings that require for her to speak it as well as some Latin that she learned for her spells.

5) Rose, though will most likely deny it, is an avid chocoholic. Since the sweet was invented, she'd always loved to eat it, and is most likely never to turn it down.

6) She always tries to look like she can do everything perfectly. One should expect her to try looking cool about learning something new, even though she's most likely freaking out inside.

7) Due to having been attacked, bombed, set on fire and other things, Rose has various scars around her body. The most noticeable one are the faint burn marks around her neck and down her torso, from the London Blitz.

Role-Play Sample:
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Greetings, London here.
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