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Amelia F. Jones

Amelia F. Jones

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PostSubject: Rated R ((no judging))    Rated R ((no judging))  EmptyDecember 9th 2013, 11:19 pm

((Yes, I know this isn't right. Yes, I know I'm a messed up person. No judging. Everyone is welcome.))

“This here gentlemen, is quite a feisty one. She’s still got some spirit in here! She’s also rather beautiful, no outside blemishes” two works wheeled the platform Amelia was on. She was in a tight shirt that had holes where her nipples were and a bottom piece that resembled a g-string. Her arms were tied around a wooded board that was attached to the plat form. “As you can see she had nice large breasts. Bra size is 34DD but I doubt you’ll be having her wear those. She looks nice down below as well,” he turned towards the men. “Gentlemen, please show them.” Each of the men grabbed one of her legs and spread them apart to where she was doing the splits and leaving just the ropes to keep her up, also revealing that the bottoms to her outfit had a slit down the crotch to show her nether regions. “Very flexible as well” the spokes person added as the men put Amelia’s legs down. “She has been trained by some of the best and the tools we use are not even near the size of an actual penis and did not technically take her virginity so she can be all yours. Despite her spirit she will obey your every command so don’t be worried about that, ladies and gentlemen. She has also been trained to cum only when you tell her. You just use a special word and she will climax each and every time until it is no longer physically possible. A demonstration,” he motioned to Amelia. “Hero.” He smirked as he said the simple word and watched her crumble in the feeling of an orgasm. Now, who wants to start the bidding and take her home?” After the bidding was done the two men wheeled her off stage again. “She’ll be waiting in the back for the lucky owner of her. You can pay for her and get her when the rest of the auction is over.” After her time on the stage was done Amelia was taken back cleaned up and put in a cage meant for dogs. One of the workers was guarding the cage. “Hello, I’ll take the payment and send her off to get her ready for you. Would you like anything special done to her at no extra cost? We have tons of outfits to choose from and many toys to put on or in her, such as vibrators, large and small, anal and vaginal plugs, and nipple clamps, just to name a few of the many options?” the man asked all too cheerfully for this situation.
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Carly Fiona

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PostSubject: Re: Rated R ((no judging))    Rated R ((no judging))  EmptyDecember 11th 2013, 6:27 am

Carly wakes up after being unconscious for some time. She found herself wearing a white shirt without a bra, and she is also wearing a g-string. "Where am I?" Carly said as she felt a hangover. A man brought her onto the stage and poured a bucket of water on Carly. Carly regains her consciousness completely, and the audience can now see through her wet shirt, exposing her nipples. She listens to the man giving the speech which suggests that he is selling her. She realized she ended up in human trafficking without her acknowledgement. In her thoughts, she became frightened in the situation she found herself in. As soon as Carly stands up, she shakes her head to get rid of her headache. As helpless as she is, she smiles at the men staring at her chest. "I would like to present this young lady, ladies and gentlemen, Carly Fiona. Young, innocent, and most importantly, a virgin," the man said. Carly wanted to scream, but she had to control her behavior. She began losing focus, because the hangover is giving her a migraine. The voices she can vaguely hear were muffled. She could not hear the man describing her, yet the men decided to lift her body and spread her legs facing towards the crowd. As soon as the men put her down, she immediately ran away to the restroom. "Hey, wait! Where are you going?" the man said. Carly had to vomit in the toilet, then she washes her face at the sink. She looked at the mirror, and saw urinals through the reflection. "You do know that you're in the men's restroom, right?" as the man came by from the door. "Listen, girl, I need you to be back on the stage," the man told Carly. Carly returned to the stage, continuing the bidding.
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Rated R ((no judging))
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