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 H-hello.. I'm Antarctica...

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Selvieg Lewis

Selvieg Lewis

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H-hello.. I'm Antarctica... Empty
PostSubject: H-hello.. I'm Antarctica...   H-hello.. I'm Antarctica... EmptyNovember 21st 2013, 5:22 pm

Country/Province/State/City: Antarctica
Human First and Last Name: Selvieg Lewis
Appearance: (This can either be a picture, description or both.) She has long, white hair that reaches to the middle of her back. Her hair is usually held up in pigtails (in pink bows). Her eyes are ruby red, and her skin is very pale and cold; though she learned to ignore that feeling. Her usual outfit is a long, white dress, with  a coloured ribbon around her waist, the colour varying, black boots that come up to her knees, and black gloves. She is about 5'11, and has a thin frame. This is because of the large land mass of Antarctica, but no permanent population and lack of vegetation. She always wears a blue and white stripped scarf, it representing the snow and ice on her land. She has small hoop hearings that she is always wearing.
Gender: Female
Personality: (This has to be detailed, or just enough for everyone to get the gist of it.) Selvieg is a quiet and shy person. She doesn't talk much, and usually ends up running away when she tries. This is due to the fact of no population on her land (except for the scientists that come, or the animals). Though if someone is able to have a decent conversation with her, she can get pretty talkative. She really hates to fight, and usually will go armadillo mode when someone tries to pick a fight on her. This is because of her having no army, so she is pretty weak to say in the least. She is very kind, and will try her best to help anyone, unless she really dislikes the person, which isn't many people. She is pretty forgetful, and clumsy as well, but always looks over that. Also, Selvieg will usually speak her mind when she actually talks, and can get quite defensive with her words. She isn't upset easily, though once the wrong thing is said, or if someone insults someone close to her, she'll get extremely mad. This is the only time where she'll end up trying to fight someone. She is also pretty smart, knowing a lot about biology, astronomy, and the oceans.

Friends: (Keep this reasonable because Hetalia is based roughly on actual history. This goes for Neutral and Enemies as well.) England, France, Norway, New Zealand, Australia. *And if there are any, Chile and Argentina* (These are all due to the fact of them having territory on Antarctica.)
Neutrals: Russia (Due to the fact that Russia can claim territory under the Soviet's Rights of the original Antarctic Treaty), America (due to the fact America reserved rights to claim territory under the original Antarctic Treaty).
Enemies: Anyone who hasn't signed the new Antarctica Treaty of not putting any waste or having wars on the land.

History: (You do not have to go all out on this one. Just post a bit of facts here and there.)
-In 1820, ships captained by three individuals spotted Antarctica. A Baltic German,  Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, an Irish-born man,  Edward Bransfield, and an American, Nathaniel Palmer.
-In 1908, England was the first one to gain territory on Antarctica.
-On February 7 1821, the first person stepped on Antarctica by an American sealer, John Davis.

Fun Facts: (Post anything interesting (like headcanons) about your character here.)
-Antarctica calls the people who have territory on her land 'big brother' by habit.
-Usually, she is called Adélie by France, since the French territory on Antarctica is name 'Adélie Land'.
-She can speak English, French, Norwegian, and Spanish, due the territories, and she can understand a bit of Russian.
-She has a pet penguin that is around her most of the times, with the name Snowflake. He wears a small bow tie, and is a bit of a tsundere.
-She has a small snowflake birthmark on her left thigh, representing that Antarctica is the coldest place on the planet.
-She lives in a big igloo in the unclaimed part of Antarctica.

Role-Play Sample: (Here you will write a simple sample of your role-playing. IT MUST BE IN CHARACTER.)
The albino girl was sleeping peacefully in her bed. She was wearing her usual pink nightgown, her hair up in a single, messy ponytail. Today, just like everyday, she had no worries about being up early for anything. She loved a pretty care-free life; which she loved.
In other words, she could sleep all day if she really wanted to. That is, if a certain black and white bird wouldn't wake her up at noon every day.
The penguin, also known as Snowflake, jumped up on the bed to see the sleeping Antarctica. He rolled his eyes at this, slowly shaking his head. This was a usual routine for him waking up Selvieg. After all, if he didn't, no one would be able to feed him.
Poking the white haired girl, Snowflake waited patiently for a response.
Antarctica just mumbled something under her breath, as she turned over. Waking up was not her favourite thing to do. Feeling someone poke her cheek again, she mumbled again. This time, a bit louder.
"Go away, Snowflake..." She rolled over once again, feeling repeated pokes.
Having enough of the poking, she grabbed the penguin, and held him close to her, as a stuffed animal. This time, she had won. Snowflake didn't wake her up this time. She was going to sleep all day, her beloved pet in her arms.

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H-hello.. I'm Antarctica...
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