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 Hei! I'm Anatassia Bondevik nice to meet you!

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Anatassia Bondevik

Anatassia Bondevik

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Hei! I'm Anatassia Bondevik nice to meet you! Empty
PostSubject: Hei! I'm Anatassia Bondevik nice to meet you!   Hei! I'm Anatassia Bondevik nice to meet you! EmptyNovember 20th 2013, 6:11 pm

OOC: Ummm well this a second account but I haven't done this before so here goes. I'm Heather a 22 year old college student that lives in SC (Hell) and uh well I'm a Norway rper when I'm not being Al. I really wanted a Norway and since both male versions are gone I had to be a Fem and I'm too dorky to do a serious Norway I picked 2p!Fem!Norway. Ummmmm I'm nice enough I think so if you wanna talk feel free to message me. That's all I really have to say...

Name: Anatassia Bondevik


Appearance: She has long, wavy, blonde hair that she often puts streaks in usually purple but she does seasonal colors when appropriate. Pretty short about 5' exactly. She has two different colored eyes one is sapphire blue and the other is emerald green. She wears a lot of purple it being her favorite color and all.

Differences: Magical Ability. While she can perform magic she get tired quickly, unless startled in which case it lasts until she's startled again. She hears 'voices' they are part of her psychosis, she believes they are the gods of old talking to her, they tell her things... She's very hyper happy and loves to meet new people specially if you call her big sister, Onee-chan, Søster.

Sample: Anatassia looked around her cell it was empty, white, and padded. Did she belong here? The Voices didn't think so, and neither did she. The voices were right 9 times out of 10. They knew things. They had told her yesterday to hide behind the door when they came around for bed check and the medicine.

Oh the medicine... She hated the medicine. The gods would leave her when she took it. She felt alone without them, she didn't like to be lonely. So she'd been cheeking her pills for a while... A long while, in fact if you cut into any of the padding in the room pills would pour out.

Here they came doing the same thing they did every night, feeding pills through a slot in the door, since they couldn't keep a straight jacket on her. The nurse looked into her cell being unable to find her and new, she foolishly entered the cell. That was the last mistake that nurse ever made. Her Viking days still fresh in her mind as if they were yesterday. It meant thing to the Norwegian woman to carve the woman up with her own scalpel. Torturing her at first with little cuts here and there, then stabbing of her left arm till it went numb, then she got bored and she slit the nurse's neck. Anatassia was free of her room but it'd be a long fight to freedom.....
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Hei! I'm Anatassia Bondevik nice to meet you!
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