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 Ah, Привет всем! I am Anya.

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Anya Braginskaya

Anya Braginskaya

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Ah, Привет всем! I am Anya. Empty
PostSubject: Ah, Привет всем! I am Anya.   Ah, Привет всем! I am Anya. EmptyNovember 17th 2013, 7:47 pm

Personification of: Russia
Human Name: Anya Braginskaya

Appearance: She is modestly-dressed woman with long straight beige-blonde hair. Her eyes look soft blue from afar, but truly more of a lilac color. She wears a long pink winter coat, often seen with her shovel. Her shovel is more of for safety measures, then cause to inflict harm unto anyone (unless needed). Her height is 5'9, making her the tallest out of the Allies/friends.

Basic Personality Bio: She is often called to be a wearied mother figure who is emotionally unstable. She is friendly, but friendly is the only thing she is willing to show. She often is too detached, or she is too clingy, never in between.

Roleplay Sample:

Anya did enjoy feeling like she was apart of the group at the Allies meeting, but it never seemed to be the case. After Francine tried to apologize after the last meeting went, she couldn't help but tell her feelings about it. All she thought about is why did everything turned out to be like this, everyone is arguing with each other, while she sits there and wait for someone to tell them to shut up. It was normal to her, and she didn't like the feeling it was. She really didn't like it.

((She accepts any gender, so yuri and hetero roleplays are welcomed!))
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Ah, Привет всем! I am Anya.
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