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 Tena kotou katoa, ko Wellesley Taku ingua.

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Wellesly Kirkland

Wellesly Kirkland

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Tena kotou katoa, ko Wellesley Taku ingua. Empty
PostSubject: Tena kotou katoa, ko Wellesley Taku ingua.   Tena kotou katoa, ko Wellesley Taku ingua. EmptyAugust 29th 2013, 2:27 am

((Tena koe, everyone~ Um, my name's Genai but please call me Cookie or Cook.. I have to say I'm a bit nervous of what to put here so I guess I'll just throw some crap here and hope that it makes enough sense for anyone going to read it... Well as ya know, I'm Cookie and I absolutely love to bake.. and draw.. and cosplay... Ah I almost forgot about LARP-ing qwq Okay sorry I'm blabbing about almost nothing ... So yeah just Call me Cookie, that's about everything ya'll need ta really know for now.))

((Oh I also forgot, I'm slow at typing when it comes to long paragraphs so I'm sorry if we're rping and you have to wait a few hours..))

Country/Province/State/City: Aotearoa 'Land of the Long White Cloud', but ya may know me more are New Zealand.
Human First and Last Name: The name's Wellesley Mana Aroha Kirkland, but ya can call me Welly or Lesley.

Role-Play Sample:

Deep ocean green eyes scanned across the paddock that was filled with sheep and new-born Winter lambs, watching the little creatures fumbling about and playing in the lush grass that made up most of the landscape around a certain Sheep-loving nation's home in the Southern Hills. Hearing a gentle bleating near their feet New Zealand turned to look down with a loving smile ever present on their lips, leaning down to scoop the wee lamb up to be held to their chest like one would with a newborn baby. Well... Technically the Lamb /was/ indeed a baby so.. It WAS just like cradling a newborn~ Biting back a giggle New Zealand's lips broke out into a grin upon feeling the lamb starting to nuzzle and lick at the underside of their neck, a ticklish spot that not many were to know of, but a ticklish spot all the same and went to pull the animal away with a scolding look dancing about the Kiwi's bright eyes.

"Oi you, I'll 'ave none of that ai?"
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Tena kotou katoa, ko Wellesley Taku ingua.
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