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 Aleks Jones here.

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Aleks Jones

Aleks Jones

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Aleks Jones here. Empty
PostSubject: Aleks Jones here.   Aleks Jones here. EmptyNovember 11th 2013, 6:36 am

Country/Province/State/City: 2P! United States of America
Human First and Last Name: Aleks Jones
Tattoos and piercings included.

- Vegan.
- Sarcastic
- Arrogant
- Blunt
- Short fuse
- Can't resist cute things
- Is a huge snuggler, but denies it
- Red eyes/hair
- Uses things such as, "Doll", "Sweetheart","Darlin'", "Dearlin'", "Babe", etc to refer to everyone.

Role-Play Sample:
Aleks complained to herself, she'd been wondering what the hell had been going on lately and Olivia just wasn't making things better. Don't get her wrong, she doesn't hate the woman, it's just she wished she wouldn't be so... So how she is. That sounds rude, but if you saw it from her point of view, it was different. A reddish coloured cat came running in f front of her, she jumped a bit. It looked up at her, it's red eyes looked as if it had been hurt. Aleks frowned, and kneeled down, she picked up the kitten, "What's wrong babe, you hurt?" she said, cradling it. It mewed at her, loudly. "Sshh, it's okay.  Don't be so loud." she sighed, and headed back to the place where she lived.
Upon arriving, she realized Olivia had left. She sighed thankfully, and went into the house, heading to her room to treat the kitten. She set the wounded kitten on her bed, not really caring if it bled on the sheet. It wasn't as if it didn't had blood on it before, though, Olivia would have a fit. Aleks sighed, and grabbed some wrap bandages, and rubbing alcohol. That's what she was supposed to use on a kitten, right?  Yeah, she didn't really know... She sighed a bit, and set the stuff on her bed, she had a small cotton ball to dab the rubbing alcohol so she didn't hurt the kitten. She kneeled down in front of her bed. She smiled wide, "You're so fuckin' cute, y'know that?" the kitten mewed at her, she simply giggled. "Alright, alright. I'll clean ya up." she said, and grabbed the cotton ball, she opened the rubbing alcohol, and poured some onto it. She then dabbed it against the kittens bleeding paw, frowning a bit, "Whaddya do to yourself, Dearlin'?" she said, as she finished cleaning it. She had to rip some of the wrap bandage, for it was just far too large for the small kitten. She wrapped its paw up and patted it's head, she stood up and stretched. She picked the kitten back up, before laying down on the bed, setting the kitten on her breasts. It curled up, nuzzling them, purring softly. She couldn't help but grin like an idiot, though, to her dismay she heard a knock on her door. "Co-" she was cut off by the door opening. "Oh, hey." she said, nonchalantly, as if there wasn't a kitten on her breast.
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Aleks Jones here.
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