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Amelia F. Jones

Amelia F. Jones

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PostSubject: Fem!America   Fem!America EmptyNovember 5th 2013, 8:47 pm

Country/Province/State/City: AMERICA

Human First and Last Name: Amelia F. Jones

Appearance: Amelia had short wavy golden colored hair that is shoulder length that she keeps pinned away from her face with two red clips. She has blue eyes. Her height is 5' 4". She wears various crop top shirts and short skirts or shorts. Her shoes range from boots to tennis shoes, nothing to fancy unless she's forced to. Also she always wears her bomber jacket. ((Her clothes change based on the rp mainly.))

Anything Else? ((I mainly do hetero. My absolute favorites are fem!USUk and fem!AmeRus No judging please~))

Role-Play Sample: Amelia was walking through the hallways of her school. Today they would be getting a new transfer student from Russia and since she was friendliest out of everyone in her class she was in charge of showing him around the school. She took her seat and chatted with her friends while waiting for her teacher to get there with the new student.
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