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 Hi there from Belgium!

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Emma Vermeulen

Emma Vermeulen

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Hi there from Belgium! Empty
PostSubject: Hi there from Belgium!   Hi there from Belgium! EmptyNovember 4th 2013, 12:20 pm

Out-Of-Character: ((urk if you really must know about all the ooc stuff just check Denmark's intoduction thing ty ))

Country/Province/State/City: Brussels, Belgium
Human First and Last Name: Emma Vermeulen

Role-Play Sample:
The pride and glory of her country centered around the products it was known for. It was close to Christmas, and the seemingly young Belgian woman was well aware of the gifts she'd soon have to purchase for her fellow nations. In particular, the ones that bordered her land, and those with closer relations to her own people. Despite the constant exhilarating rush and bustle of the citizens at this time, Belgium found the atmosphere a pleasant one. Admittedly, the high rise in chocolate production may have played a role in this. She was a proud woman, and basked in the glory of her country being known as one with a specialty with such a delicious creation.
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Hi there from Belgium!
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